Sold BY Patricia McCormick

This story is about a thirteen year old girl named Lakshmi. A few weeks later in the book, Lakshmi loses her crops from lack of rain and then too much rain. Her stepfather sells her to a woman named Bimla who tells Lakshmi to call her "Auntie". She then sells her to a man who tells Lakshmi to call her "Uncle Husband". After he buys her, he sells her to a woman named Mutmaz. A few days of being in this place, Lakshmi sees a man on her bed that tries to sexually make out with her, but she bites him. He screams and runs downstairs and leaves without paying. Lakshmi has a fight with Mutmaz about what she believes she's supposed to be doing and what is really happening. She finds out that Auntie works for this evil woman. Lakshmi gets locked in a room for that fight, and a man comes into her room and rapes her. The next day, Shahanna goes into Lakshmi's room, gives her a piece of plastic, and tells her it's a condom. She tells her to ask the men to use it so that she doesn't get a disease. But she can't let Mutmaz see it, because if she did she'd get the life beat out of her. A boy called David Beckham was going to school so whenever he got back Lakshmi would sneak his notebook and pretend that she was at school. When he caught her he offered to actually teach her stuff. He didn't speak her language so he taught her his. A few weeks or so later she gets sick and Mutmaz has to take care of her, and if she didn't get better soon she'd be out on the streets. She did get better but Mutmaz wanted to throw one of the other girls out because she looked so ill and wouldn't be able to please the men, and wanted to bu her daughter from her.

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