March Madness Voices: Big Jay and Baby Jay A CONVERSATION BETWEEN Big jay and baby jay

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Big Jay and Baby Jay, the Kansas mascots, will start another March Madness journey this season when Kansas takes on UC Davis on Friday in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Before the NCAA tournament started, both Jays wrote for to share their stories. Below Big Jay and Baby Jay give college basketball fans insight to the world of March Madness from mascots' eyes.

Big Jay - One of my favorite times of the year is coming up quick. It’s a time for hardwood, screaming fans and cutting down nets. Do you know what I’m talking about, Baby Jay?


Big Jay - You’re right, little one. I love suiting up in my crimson and blue every day, but it’s particularly special during the month of March. There’s just something about getting to support our Jayhawks while we travel the country on the road to the Final Four that gets my feathers standing up in excitement!

Baby Jay - I love it too, Big! I also like getting to see our friends when we go to all those places. Goldy is my favorite!

Big Jay - Why is Goldy your favorite?

Baby Jay - He’s my size! And his little teeth are just so cute!

Big Jay - Yeah, I know. I have been watching your Twitter. You & Goldy talk a lot.

Baby Jay - He’s so funny! But I have other friends, too. I love seeing Chip and Bucky and all my friends!

Big Jay - You’re right, Baby. It’s fun to see everyone. I like meeting up with Rameses and Rameses Jr. and share stories about Roy. When we see who’s going to be there this year, we’ll send out an invite for pregame pizza or something. So we can see if all the mascots can hang. Sound good?

Baby Jay - Oh, yeah! Let’s do it!

Big Jay - But you know the rules…

Baby Jay - What rules?

Big Jay - When it comes to tip-off, it’s game on…Save the niceties for before and after the game. When it’s game time we are there to help cheer on the team. Jayhawk Nation is a force to be reckoned with.

Baby Jay - Yeah, duh, Big. I bet the Jayhawks are gonna win!

Big Jay - We don’t bet, Baby…that’s against the rules. But yes, I’ll take my ‘Hawks in any match-up on the hardwood, actually on any court or stadium. Let that Rock Chalk Chant ring out!

Baby Jay - What’s your favorite thing that’s happened during March Madness?

Big Jay - The days are full of pep rallies, hanging with all our fans and, of course, rallying with the team when they take the hardwood but there are certain times that stay preserved in my memory forever. It seems like just yesterday when Mario’s shot sank so beautifully through the net. I can still hear the crowd roar ringing in my ears. That one little basket felt like an explosion happened in the arena. It sent shockwaves that affected the crowd differently. Memphis fans were knocked to their seats and the Jayhawk fans were propelled to their feet.

Baby Jay - I know! It was so exciting to see you out there on the court after the game!

Big Jay - I can still feel the crunch of the confetti under my boots. I remember walking around the court in awe of the amazingness that I just witnessed. It was pretty fun to scan the crowd to find your little smiling face up in the stands, waving at me.

Baby Jay - But it’s not always fun…sometimes there are mean people.

Big Jay - I thought we weren’t going to talk about this anymore.

Baby Jay - Yeah, but remember that one time that a guy punched me in the beak?!?

Big Jay - Baby Jay….we aren’t talking about this anymore.

Baby Jay - Why?! Because he’s the Golden boy of basketball now? Because everyone loves him sooooo much? Well, back in the day, when he was just that one guy playing for the team in the red and we beat them in the Elite Eight, he didn’t take the loss so well and hit me in the beak on his way off the court!

Big Jay - Baby, you really need to let that go. It’s been almost 10 years.

Baby Jay - He knows what he did, Big!

Big Jay - But seriously….move on. We won that year.


Big Jay - You done?

Baby Jay - *whispers* He knows what he did….

Big Jay - Come on, Baby. Don’t bring it up again. Why don’t you tell me about a good time you had during March Madness?

Baby Jay - You remember all the fun we had in New Orleans during the parades?

Big Jay - I remember it being…hot.

Baby Jay - It was but we had so much fun when we were on the floats! The fans were all so ready to party! The whole trip was a huge funfest! I hope it’s like that this year! We can ride around together and hand out free stuffs to our fans and just dance around all the time!

Big Jay - Ok…we’ll have fun but don’t make me reel you in.

Baby Jay - Big Jay! Sometimes I just want to have fun with all my friends.

Big Jay - Listen, little one, we have a job to do when we get down there. You up for it?

Baby Jay - Sure am! When do we leave?

Big Jay - Soon.

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