Florida Museum of Natural History Kindle Anderson

Finding the Good Life at the Florida Museum of Natural History

Nature on Display

In the presence of a beautiful scene at the butterfly garden.

The butterfly garden, above all else, really sparked my interest. I enjoyed walking through the jungle of plants, and seeing the splashes of color that were the butterflies. The exhibit was set up to make the viewers feel as if they are in a completely different environment, and I felt this was a great way to escape the outside world and enjoy the nature. I learned about the peacefulness of nature only because the exhibit allowed me to almost be in a different place, away from all outside pressures. I enjoyed the museum itself simply because of it's ability to take me to a far off place- whether it be a Florida swamp, a Native American village, or a jungle filled with beautiful and unique butterflies.

Nature and Ethics

Having a great time embodying the Native American lifestyle.

One of the many great aspects of the museum was it's display of humanity and nature working hand-in-hand, without the dominance of mankind. One of these exhibits was the Native American section. The Native Americans are unique in that they are one of the few societies that lived one with nature, as opposed to living against it. Their respect for every creature and every plant created a healthy environment in which they left virtually no harm or impact on the lands they inhibited. As I walked through this exhibit specifically, I felt a responsibility to live conservatively, much like the Natives once did. The museum allowed visitors to connect with nature in other ways, such as through the immersive ocean and marshland exhibits. These sections allow one to walk through different biomes and experience life as if in that area. The beauty of these biomes definitely led me to respect the real life ones, and try to preserve their natural state, as displayed at the museum.

Nature and The Human Spirit

Unleashing my human spirit amongst ancient animals.

The museum allows one to recognize the fact that there is much more going on outside of humanity. While we live our lives, there are millions of other creatures amongst us that we seldom overlook. In addition to the present, the museum also illustrated the past, and the animals that made up our world many many years ago. This definitely brought the Earth's timeline to life, and made it seem as if the living never stops; there are always adapting life forms and species finding new ways to live. The museum illustrates that we are just a small part of a very complex and infinite world.

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