Detective Degrey By:Carolina flores

On a crisp Autumn, on one of the last weeks off fall before the freezing winters of New York, Serena Degrey is getting ready for her next mystery.

As usual she always looks professional and stylish, today she is wearing a midnight jumpsuit with long sleeves that flare out on the bottom. The top of her outfit is a V neck, she also has a fur coat over it because of the unbearable cold winds outside. Her hair is in a short bob with fluffy earmuffs covering her ears.

As she pulls into her parking spot #3, she feels an eerie presence in the air but brushes it off and walks inside as the air blows her jet black hair everywhere. She walks into a dark room with on overbearing LED light. A manila folder with her name written on it emerges from the darkness. As she opens it she knows this case will be interesting.

The folder mentioned the house address is 1997, Oakmont Dr. As she cruises down the street the house are expectantly as big as she imagined. The house is at the end of the street except it's the biggest house she has seen yet. The house has auburn bricks that go up three stories. The frame of the house is a rustic brown color and the roof has Spanish tile.

She decides it's time to get out the car and meet the family of the victim, but as she steps out of her car she sees fabric and picks it up and places in a bag and hides it in one of the many pockets she has. She walks up the marble steps and rings the doorbell. A young handsome man opens the door and introduces himself as Charles Oberlin brother of the deceased Charlotte Oberlin. He asks who she is and she briskly says she is Detective Serena Degrey. He smirks at her and she can’t help but look into his soft blue eyes. She looks away and enters the home to meet the parents of the victim, Claire and Calvin Oberlin. They are very well respected people who are filthy rich due to the size of their home and the decorations they have.

She interrogates all the family including the staff that works in the home. By the end of the day she has heard the story to many times and realizes none of these people were there to see what happened except Charles so she ordered further interrogation and she also picks up any clues in house.

Once she is at home she has picked up the piece of fabric, an image of Charlotte, and the bullet she was shot with.

Weeks go by and she and Charles has some what partnered together to solve the mystery. Charles has also asked Serena on secret dates the family doesn’t know about, she agrees to go.

He is charming and makes her laugh but he’s protecting the killer and she knows it because she saw him steal artifacts from the crime scene and he has began to lie about what happened because now their are different versions of the story than the “original.”

She gets tests done on the piece of fabric and learns it is a piece of a Burberry shirt, but Burberry is Charles’s favorite brand. She visits his house and goes through his closet in his room when he was out at work and found a shirt ripped up and takes it. She found blood stains on it and the blood is Charlottes.

Serena then asked everyone if they knew where Charles was that night and everyone gave me different answers meaning he lied to these people. She confronts her boss and tells him she has solved who was the killer.

The swat teams shows up at the Oberlin home this time Serena is in an all white trench coat with white boots that each her knees. Her hair is brushed straight back and topped off with a fedora. She goes in first and tell Charles what's going on and they arrest him.

Their in the custody of the law he confesses that he did kill his sister because she was the favorite and he thought without her he could be the one to inherit the family money. He is sentenced to jail for 60 years. He turns into a vicious man that Serena didn’t fall in love with he tells her he will have his revenge and that this isn’t the last she'd see of him. She turned the other way and leaves with tears running down her face. As she walks outside the family stops her and blames her for putting their son in jail. They blame her for all the negativity they have brought upon their family. They say their image is ruined. This angers Serena and she knows what to do.

The next day she goes to the press and reveals the family secrets and what really happened. She stayed anonymous so that the family couldn’t press charges. Right afterward she gets her new assignment and heads off to Calabasas. She dies her hair platinum blond and gets bangs she also changes her style so that she isn’t recognizable.

Created By
Carolina Flores


Created with images by domeckopol - "beads pearl necklace women's shoes" • gewa - "forest light autumn" • Unsplash - "man portrait black and white" • lightstargod - "girl portrait figure" • zed_framez - "output to the city" • Mark_Mook_Fotografie - "beauty smile happy" • Cubosh - "Finger blood" • Kathleen Tyler Conklin - "LIE" • Annie Mole - "Miss White Boots" • jklugiewicz - "badge cop security" • xlordashx - "Logan"

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