WW1 trench warfare survival guide Evan Saxman

Soldiers would use a steel helmet when digging the trench so they wouldn't get hit with a rock. Also they would have them so their ready to go to war(Police Steel).
It used for when they were around or near gases or toxins so that they wouldn't die or get sick. Also they used them in case of smock bombs being thrown in the trench(A Gas mask).
they used it to dig the trench. they also used it to dig holes inside the trench where they would sleep during the day(W.W.1 German).
they would use it for when people got hurt in the trench. Also they would use it if someone got hurt out at war(A first).
they used on the enemy if they tried or came in the trench. Also they could of used it to help them with their food(Bayonets).

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