Fundamental Forces gravity, electromagnetism, strong nuclear, weak nuclear

1. Gravity

  • It can be defined as a force of attraction that exists between any two masses.
  • Gravity is what pulls you down towards the Earth. Because it correlates to mass, you would float more on the moon than on Earth because it has much less mass, so the gravity between you an the moon would be smaller.
  • It is actually a very weak force.

2. Electromagnetism

  • It is the force between electrically charged particles.
  • This is a much stronger force than gravity. In fact, electromagnetism is what keeps us from falling through the earth.

3. Strong Nuclear Force

  • This is the force that keeps the nucleus together.
  • It is extremely strong. The atomic bomb is powered by this force.

4. Weak Nuclear Force

  • This is the force responsible for radioactive decay.

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