A Christmas Around The World A History

Germany is were we got our tradition of putting up the Christmas tree and decorating it.

Germany has a variety of shops specially for Christmas these shops attract people from around the world.

A German Christmas Market

Germany has started the tree tradition. It started with a man named Martian Luther he cut one down brought it to his family and put candles around it.

Now let's go to Great Britain

Great Briton has a lot of good Christmas traditions including mistletoe the tradition is if a boy and a girl get caught under the mistletoe they kiss.

under the mistletoe

They also have crackers a wrapped tube when pulled a loud bang and prizes come out.

Now let's go to France.

France were we got our tradition of St. Nicolas

France is also were get our tradition of the display that has baby Jesus and the three wise men.

Now let's go to Spain .

In Spain they eat piaya a food made of rice ,veggies,and sea food.

They also have a legend that a roster crowed when Christ was born.

Now let's go to Italy.

Italy has a lot of traditions but lets focus on two of them.

Italy has a witch named La Befna a witch that brings presents to the children.

Italy is also famous for food.

Now lets go to the Netherlands.

The Netherlands have their traditions and they are sort of creepy.

Sinterklause their Santa has a helper named Black Peter he is creepy.

What did I say creepy

This is better.

And then theirs sinterklase.

Now lets go to Denmark.

The food there is fish and potatoes .

He rides a goat and delivers the gifts.

Now lets go to Switzerland.

Switzerland is full of lots of things.

Bells are important part of Christmas in Switzerland. They put them everywhere.

now lets go to Ukraine

Ukraine decorates their trees in spiderwebs

They do this due to a legend . See there was this poor woman that wasn't able to decorate the tree in the morning the tree was covered in spider webs when the sun came up the webs turned in to silver she was no longer poop in any way,shape . or form.

Now lets go to Mexico .

In Mexico they have a flower called the Poinsettia see some poor kid wanted to give the virgin Mary a gift so he picked some weeds and they turned into the most beautiful flowers .

Now lets go to North America.

American and Canadian cultures are basically a big miksed breed of everything so the holidays are very different some may do this and others that but the holidays are still very exciting .

From the German trees too the fact that Santa clause originated from sinter kluase .


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