Heroes of Baseball BY : kayden hartunian

Who - Mickey Mantle who was probably the next Babe Ruth. Mickey was the All-American baseball hero.

What - People thought Mickey Mantle was the next Babe Ruth, Mickey was an outfielder and a slugger just like Babe Ruth.

Where - He lived on a Farm in Oklahoma , And he has come a long way to become All - American Athlete.

When - Mickey Mantle was born October 20, 1931 OK , and died August 13 , 1995 Dallas , TX

Why - Mickey Mantle is an All - American, All Star, and the next Babe Ruth. And will always be a legend

I - I think this be inspires me because Im a big fan of Babe Ruth and how good he was. It's cool to no that there's someone just as good.


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