Is Virtual Reality The Future?

Virtual reality is an amazing idea, merging fantasy and reality. Most companies in the electronic world plan on using it one day.

But is it a good replacement to real video games? If people get to into it, and if the games get to good, why would you leave this new world? Could there be side effects? Is it a good idea to replace the cool but somewhat simplicity of the old video games?

Well, some people believe virtual reality shouldn't be taken much further. They believe that it can be used in a few games, but isn't a replacement for real life. An article at talked about the dangers of VR, one dealing with the real world. “Motion-sensing VR systems like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR involve standing, ducking, swinging your arms, and even briefly walking -- all with a headset on your head that blocks vision and sound.” This shows how VR can hinder your access to real life.

According to, “"The Internet and virtual realities easily satisfy social needs—sometimes so much that users will withdraw physically from society."

So, virtual reality might not be a good thing, or maybe not. It's up to the buyers to decide, but I think it could be a danger to us all.

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