Yemen Revolution why and whom wants to constitute the Yemeni government?

This entire project was challenging because I have no interest for history nor yemen, but unfortunately I have to do this. What I found interesting was that Ali Abdullah Salih was such a lazy and runaway president. Like, how can you not stand up and take care of your country? I learned that there are deeper reasons and causes for revolutions, that's what this project changed about my view of revolutions. I chose the Yemen Revolution because it was the closest to being somewhat interesting.

causes of Yemen Revolution

One cause of the Yemeni Revolution is the houthis rebels. They were after the government, and rebellions against Mr.Saleh. There were many protest between Saleh officers and the citizens (caused many deaths). Death rates shot through the roof from protest as President Saleh refused to step down from presidency at the last minute many many times.

Systematic Stage

In the systematic stage for yemen, people started to protest because they wanted saleh to step down from presidency. Saleh was not a very good president, he cared about himself more than he did other people. The protestors chanted pro-democracy & condemned poverty & official corruption protest in yemen were organized. Salih reduced taxes & increased salaries for government employees.

Crisis Stage

Clashes between protesters and police got worse and led to many deaths. March 18 - Salihs loyalist dressed in civilians clothes and shot at protesters (killing 50 people). Maj Gen and Ali Moshen al-Ahmar protects the protesters.

Convalescence Stage

April 23 Salih indicated his acceptance of a plan proposed by GCC that would remove him from power and begin transition to a new government. Salih kept refusing to sign the agreement at the last minute. Therefore the violence between loyalist and opposition forces got worse. Heavy fighting broke out in Sannaa between pro-opposition tribal militias and troops loyal to Salih - killing dozens. There was a bomb planted in the presidential palace which exploded, and Salih was transported to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment. His Vice president - Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi - was left to act as president. In September, gun battles broke out in Sanna Amid rising fears of a civil war. In the end Salih gave power to Vice president Hadi. I believe the country was ran better with the vice president. Salih was not a good ruler, the citizens are in better hands. Protest should calm down, and Salih loyalist should be removed.

Yemen revolution VS American Revolution

In the American revolution a battle broke out between British soldiers & colonial military which marked the beginning of the revolution. In Yemen Revolution. breakouts between protestors and loyalist is the beginning mark of its revolution. People wanted to stay citizens of great britian but the British ignored. People wanted salih to step down from presidency but he ignored.

There were opportunities in America, there aren't any in Yemen. Yemen is a poor country. if anything people there would want to leave yemen. Colonist wanted a self-government in America, in yemen citizens weren't so much worried about self-government but they wanted a better leader because salih was doing a poor job .

Violence is not a good strategy to bring about significant political and social change. in yemen people protested and salih had his loyalist dress as civilians and they shot at them which didn't make the situation any better. Protesting is what started the revolution. Therefore when you add more violence it doesn't become a good strategy to your problem.

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