A New Western Mediterranean Power

The Phonicians live in the Levant. The live in what we call the Lebanon today.

The Phonicians are a trading people. The establish trade across the Mexiterranean. In the west Mexiterranean, they create a small post on the coast where they can take on food, water, and do ship repairs. This small post will become the city of Carthage.

As the Greeks come to dominate the eastern Mediterranean, the Phonicians in Carthage grow to dominate the Western Mediterranean.

When Aleander the Great captures Tyre, many wealthy Phonicians take to their ships and sail west to Carthage. Other wealthy Phonicians are allowed to leave Tyre by Alexander. They pay him a percentage of their wealth. Then they Cosan take the rest of their wealth with them. Carthage is flooded, with talented and wealthy people. It grows fast.

The wealthy create estates with hundreds of acres of land. They live in palaces. The common people live in comfortable homes. The city builds a grand harbor with nearly 230 docks for ships. It is a rich and powerful trading city. It's navy controls the Western Mediterranean World.

Carthage conquered territory in the western Mediterranian. These lands provide monies that help support the city and it population. Carthage is business.

The Macedonians stay in the eastern Mediterranean. The Carthiginians star in the western Mediterranian. For a time, they are the two great powers in the Mediterranian world. However, in Italy, another power is growing.

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