Cleft Palate By: Angelica Duran

The definition of Cleft Palate is a split at the roof of the mouth or on the lip.

The causes of a cleft palate is problems with genes passed down from 1 or both parents, drugs, viruses, not getting enough prenatal vitamins or other toxins can all cause these birth defects.

There is about 200,000 cases per year.

Characteristics: Split on the lip, split in the inside top of the mouth, dental problems, milk may come out of baby's mouth nose while feeding because the mouth and nose is abnormal, trigger frequent middle ear infections, and problems with child's Eustachian tubes.

A cleft palate is usually detected before birth. It's detected with an ultrasound around the 13th week of pregnancy. A cleft palate that occurs alone is more difficult to see.

Treatments for a cleft palate is several surgeries. If there is any speech problems then the child might work with a speech pathologist.

A long term effect is hearing loss and middle ear fluid.


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