Fun in the snow (Actually) easy activities for the whole family

Winter; it's cold and it can be hard to find affordable and easy activities to do outside.

Of course there are the traditional winter activities; snowshoeing, skiing (cross-country or downhill), skating, etc. The thing about these activities; they cost money upfront for equipment. Not to say these aren't fun worthwhile activities, but renting and buying equipment can get expensive. Let's be honest, just getting people out of the house can be a struggle, let alone getting them to strap on snowshoes and hike through the woods.

So, what can you do in the winter that is fun, fast and easy (I mean actually easy, like five minutes prep time easy)? Well it turns out, there are a lot of really cool ideas out there for winter activities, that also look pretty fun.

This is just what it sounds like, with two variations.

Target Practice

Start off by painting a piece of cardboard and hanging it from a tree, take turns throwing snowballs and seeing who can hit the target. The other version (and I think possibly better); draw some circles in the snow with snow paint and start lobbing snowballs into the centre. These games are a lot of fun for kids, and perhaps some adults who might be a little competitive!

If you didn't make one of these in grade school you probably saw another person make one;add some baking soda and vinegar and voila, you have a lets try it with SNOW

Snow Volcano

Bury a cup in a mound of snow so the mouth is level with the top, fill it half full with baking soda, add some food colouring (optional) drop in some vinegar and watch the magic happen. This is pretty fun because you can really go as big as you want with this!

Gather up some pine cones, or maybe some different coloured sticks, dogwood branches are a beautiful red.


The next part is pretty easy, draw the board and each person takes turns trying to get three in a row. Variation; if you had a big enough group you could have 2 players directing people on a giant board!

A great way to get the whole family engaged in bringing wildlife into your yard!

Snow Sculpture Bird Feeders

This is one of my favourites! Create different snow sculptures to bring birds into the yard, take time throughout the year to keep feeding the birds and soon you will have regulars that you look forward to! Get creative, make snowmen with bird seed hats, or a tower with birdseed on the top! Find out what kind of birds frequent your area to see the best seeds to buy to fill your feeders once you are done.

Whatever you chose to do with your family in this cold remember to dress for the weather, stay hydrated, wear sunscreen and above all have fun!


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