Imperialism Four Examples

What is Imperialism?

Imperialism is a policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomatic or military force; A strong country takes over a weaker country.

Imperialism in Africa

Many European countries have fought over African land. Several decades of diplomatic bargaining and exploring Africa's interior lead to almost all of the continent to be colonized by European countries. By 1900, virtually all of parts of Africa had political boundaries drawn and colonized by European imperialist.

Imperialism in China

The main motive behind Britain's imperialism in China was the economical befits they would gain. The British had a high demand for Chinese tea, porcelain, and silk products. They did not have enough silver to trade, so they gave them opium. This started the infamous Opium wars. As a result of this, the imperialist gained control of the island of Hong Kong. British forces did not move much into the mainland of China, but they still had a lasting effect over the entire country.

Imperial Russia

Russia wanted to gain control of the Dauntless as an outlet leading to the Mediterranean Sea. They could use this as an area of expansion. To achieve this, Russia helped to take down the Ottoman Empire and gain independence for several Balkan states. Russia benefited from this greatly, but they came into the imperial game a little late. Russia was reluctant to try imperialism, so they did not achieve much more.


In 1763, the British took control of India after the Seven year year, even though it costed the British severely, through the British East India Company. Tension rose and in 1857 the Sepoy Mutiny occurred. After crushing the resistance, Britain government finally decided to make India into part of its empire. The British profited greatly from India, but India was left in a state of even more hunger and despair.

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