Path Of Peace 05/06 DECEMBER 2020 | Prayer & Praise Services | Rev Lilian Ang

Path Of Peace


Rev Lilian Ang

Scripture Passage: Isaiah 2:1-5 (NIV)


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Summary | The Advent Season is a time of reflection and affirmation and this week the theme is PEACE!

Living in a world full of conflict, we ask ourselves how we can walk the path of peace. Isaiah 2:1-5 speaks of a future when the peace of Christ will come to this world.

1. There Will Be Peace When People Turn to God. In v1 we have a picture of a vast variety of people encouraging one another to come to Zion, the House of the Lord, in faithful devotion. Although mountains were often the site of pagan worship, Isaiah envisaged all nations streaming to the supreme Mount Zion to worship the God of Israel and be blessed. However, this prophesy is actually be-ing fulfilled as members of all nations come to Jesus Christ, our Temple and source of redemption and reconciliation. As Christians, we do not need to physically climb a mountain to find Jesus (Rom 5:1). When we turn to Jesus we experience His peace. One day, the Temple of the Lord will be established in Jerusalem but not at the moment. But take heart that God is still alive and in control. We learn in 2 Chronicles 7:14 that God is waiting for us to turn to him. It starts with us! Do you desire this peace?

2. There Will Be Peace When People Learn To Walk In God’s Ways. Verse 3 says He will teach us His ways so that we may walk in His Paths. The Pilgrims went to Jerusalem to experience God and learn His ways by submitting to the Word of the Lord. It may seem impossible for World Leaders to submit to Jesus Christ but we stand on the promise of Phil 2:9-11 that every knee shall bow. Meanwhile, let us live a life of love as agents of peace and good-will!

3. There Will Be Peace When People Learn to Live In Peace. The United Nations, dedicated to trying to maintain world peace, takes the words from v4 as its inspiration. But only when God is enthroned in every heart will there be peace. God sent Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace, to bring peace during the first Advent. Christ has become our pathway to Peace. God has sought to bring peace and reconciliation back to earth ever since humans lost it in the Garden of Eden. One day, weapons of war will be turned into farm implements used for peaceful cultivation. Other prophets, namely Micah and Joel, share this same vision. The words of a beautiful hymn ex-press it well: Let There Be Peace On Earth And Let It Begin With Me!

(Sermon Notes by Frances Lim)


1. What is your understanding of Isaiah’s vision?

2. In what way has your understanding of Isaiah’s vision given you renewed hope during this season of advent?

3. What is God asking of you to usher in His peace for the world?

4. Make a list of persons close to you who do not know the peace of Christ. Share what you would be doing to help them experience God’s peace.

5. How are you learning “the ways of God”? What is God asking of you to “walk in His ways?”

6. Declare “Let there be peace on earth” in your daily prayer this month.