semester exam project By hayley fifi

My relationship with photography; Photography helps me keep my mind off things or always me to be myself. I like photography it makes memories and helps you keep memories. I take photos because it allows you to remember the beauty of nature or people. I love photography because it tells a story and it lets you be you.

Rustic sign, very simple and has lots of texture.
Dimensions: 332x332, This is me and my best friend and this photo just proves are relationship.
Dimensions: 960x720, I took this when i woke up early and was walking to school and it was so beautiful, i love the color in this photo.
Dimensions: 960x720 This photo i l;ove, my mom said she thought a professional did it when she looked at it and that made me so happy.
Dimensions: 960x720, My neighbors puppy, i couldn't stop looking at her i love dogs and then i just had to take a picture.
Dimensions: 206x274, This was also on a field trip, i like the rust on the locks.
Dimensions: 540x960, This is at HHS i was waiting for my Friends to get there so i took a picture of my boots.
Dimensions: 206x206, I love this photo taken for Halloween, and i was shy taking this photo.
Dimensions: 960x720, This was on the one family trip, i love the sparkles on the water.
Dimensions 960x720, This is my neighbors and i usually go over to pet the puppy but it wasent there so i took a picture of the flowers.
Dimensions: 750x937, This is my best friends dog. i didn't mean to take this photo it kinda just happened and then i loved it .
Dimensions: 960x720, went on a field trip, was pretty amazing This is an edit i made the flowers blue.
Dimension; 960x720, Went on a walk down town and layed in the sidewalk but i loved the light under the tree.
Dimensions: 960x720 Took this on a walk to get food, and i just has to take a picture, i really enjoy the color in this picture.
Dimensions 960x720, This is an edit, the moons not actually blue but i spent a lot of time waiting to get a full moon picture, not gonna lie i feel pretty proud.
Dimensions: 1300x945, My cat Oreo laying on are porch.
Dimensions: 540x960, This is are break on the hike and i really enjoy this photo because it reminds me of hard work, when the shoes are just dangling off the rock.
Dimensions: 960x720, I had went to a symphony and im not much for that kinda music but i do love a good fireworks show.
Dimensions: 540x960, Looking at how high we hiked it was far but it was well worth it.
Dimensions: 540x960. This is a tiny waterfall to get to the bigger waterfall.
Dimensions: 540x960 This is what it looks like looking down the waterfall, very beautiful.
Dimensions: 540x960, This is what you had to look forward to at the end of the hike. very refreshing.
Dimensions: 713x713, I took this while sitting in my back yard and trust me bees do not like to stay still especial when you get close to them.
Went on a hike to get this photo and by the time i took it i didn't want to hike anymore and we weren't even half way done.
This is a photo of me standing on my back pouch early in the morning and i love this so much it makes me happy and the colors are amazing, i feel like im in a different world.
Another picture of the family trip and it finally got sunny.
Another one with the necklace my best-friend gave me.
Went on a family trip with a different family and we had to hike to get this picture............very tiring.
I like to play with fire and so i messed around with a liter and took this picture.
Went to the park, got this necklace from my best friend and i took this because i wanted a cool picture of what she meant to me and this picture defiantly describes it.
Went on s school field trip and realized i really love photography more then i thought.
This picture reminds me of being tired i had to chase down this bunny.
This is marley my uncles dog and this reminds me of family. The first time all of my family could spend time together in a long time.
Went to the park and watched the sunset.
This is the beginning of summer, we went to go get flowers to plant.
In are garden, has tons of bees.
My beautiful dog gabby who is always trying to take my food.
My sisters cat Oreo, on the porch and she posses for the picture.
Family trip and i fell in the water to get this picture.
This is are garden and we buy lilies every year and now we have to many.
Another time i went to the park to watch the sunset.
My sisters fashion cat.
This was on my back porch and i yelled at the deer so it would look at me and i could get this picture.

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