Frances Perkins And the workers rights

Frances pirkins

Frances is a Secretary of State,she was important after the event because she witnessed bodies falling from the top floors she will take action in creating worker rights."It was an exit to the roof, not a very good means of exit at best but it would have saved most of the people in that building if it had not been locked."(Pirkins, This means it was the employer had the fault that the exits were locked,because he was afraid that employees would go to the roof and steal all few of the shirtwaist.

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What did she do?

Frances Perkins was hired as the group’s executive secretary. On of there first actions was to seek a state commission to investigate and make legislative recommendations."The Commission’s work resulted in the most comprehensive set of laws governing workplace health and safety in the nation."(FRANCES PERKINS CENTER, this was because Miss Pirkins studied not only fire safety, but other threats to the health and well-being of industrial workers and the impact of those threats upon families.

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