The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt

The Spatial Experience

When I first entered the auditorium I felt a new ambiance, the other students fell silent and the stage was already set for the first scene. I felt lucky to sit in the first row so I felt so apart of the entire experience because I was so close to all of the actors. When we became aware of the play starting I became more curious of what was going on as an obscure start of the play happened and the rest of the surrounding talking went quiet. Since I sat so close to the stage I could not really feel the grandeur of the large auditorium, just the stage. The play is almost entirely about place or setting ironically enough, it is about a play being preformed. Setting is significant in the aspect of culture and the people that surround you.

The Social Experience

I attended the play with four of my friends which made the gaps between the actual performance as well as the beginning of the evening as well as the end. To get ready for the performance we all got dressed and met for dinner and then walked over together. Afterwards we grabbed desert and discussed what we liked and not about the play. Attending with my friends made my overall experience more enjoyable especially because I enjoy being with people. In the good life shared experiences are important as human beings are not solitary creatures, they need companionship in order to experience things to the fullest.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

It really depends what you think the main issue of the story is but what I really focused on was the struggle of the most impoverished versus the capitalistic ideal of the wealthy ruling class. I often like discussing or talking about the huge distribution in wealth problem that we have in the United States and this is clearly visible in the play as the discuss the problems that impoverished families have to struggle through. It can lead to problems such as under age working, people needing to lie about things such as molestation for work as well as death of work mismanagement. Where as the performance did not make me change my views on any issue it gave me more ideas to support the ideas I already had.

Th Emotional Experience

The theater always makes me more reflective not of only my own personal life but also about societal views and why things are the way they are. This play make me feel not so much as hurtful but more sad about what is going on in our world as well as what could I, an individual do to change and improve this world. Plays in general make us focus on what is going on in the play and by doing that making us make connections to the world we live in, this is what makes the theater be so reflective.

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