Catholic Academy of Sunnyvale Week Ending April 28, 2017

Important Dates

Teacher Appreciation Week

May 1st- 5th , 2017

Community Mass

Saturday May 6, 2016 @ 5:00 PM

No School- Memorial Day

Monday May 29, 2017


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Thank you.

A Letter From the Principal

When I felt secure, I said, "I will never be shaken." Psalm 30:6

Dear Parent,

But sometimes we are insecure, and we are shaken. In talking with some of the faculty, it is clear that while we all experience varying degrees of stress, we sometimes are forgetful when it comes to the greatest gift given. We have been granted the gift of free will, and included in that very gift, we are given the freedom to love and forgive - to go forward always as we are willing and able. This week Jed DeTorres of the Drexel School System helped arrange for our faculty to hear Father Brendan Maguire's talk on Forgiveness right here on campus.

Moving and relevant, Father Brendan called us to look at the space our "unforgiveness" takes up in the rooms of our house, and that each of us is called to examine what it is we hold on to, and that Jesus is present and offering us the way out of the prison of our own anger and "unforgiveness." Father Brendan explained that forgiveness is a skill to be learned and practiced until we are able to achieve forgiveness with ease - that we should exercise our forgiveness "muscle" on small things as we work our way to forgive the bigger, older angers of the past.

He left with us some material that I have shared with you here. One, a prayer to step us through a conversation with Jesus about letting go of anger, and the other, a diagram to show how anger is built and expressed. Father Brendan shared with us the different dangers to holding on to anger and unforgiveness, and encouraged us to pray for others, to find Christ's peace and to learn to recognize the patterns that keep us captives from the glorious freedom of free will that forgiveness allows.

It was a powerful, meaningful talk. Here is a link to some of Father Brendan's videos online: It may be worth your time to watch one or two, if you, like I, need some inspiration.

I am most grateful to Father Brendan, Jed DeTorres and all the faculty and staff who helped me to remember that Jesus has already set me free - I just need to remember, do the work of forgiving, and I am healed.

May God bless you this weekend, and always,

Susan Morrissey



This week in Toddlers we have been working on the letter Pp. We made some colorful pizzas Ps. They looked yummy enough to eat.

We also practiced color matching, using primary, secondary and tertiary colors.


This week in Preschool we practiced writing our uppercase and lowercase letters. Our letter this week is the letter "Dd". We went over the sound that it makes and the things that begin with that letter.

The class painted their handprints to show their love for Earth Day.


This week in kindergarten, the students studied their weekly vocabulary words with a game of musical cards! They passed the vocab cards around in a circle until the music stopped, and then reviewed our class discussion of the definitions. Later, they completed a review with a coloring game in class.

First Graders

First graders truly enjoy working on their individualized Lexia programs. As a class, we celebrate when a student completes a level and encourage one another to keep trying our best. Students are finding Lexia Skill-builders to be extremely helpful to their learning process. When you walk into the classroom, you can often hear students asking to work on their Skill-builder folders. Sometimes, they even ask for more! First graders are always striving for the next goal!

Second Grade

The second-graders are working on teacher-student collaboration in terms of classroom activities. This is the outcome of almost a year-long process of honing skills related to independence, initiative, humility, responsibility and accountability, trust and respect, love and care and faith-building.

The class has voted on a diversity topic. They would like to develop awareness and support for all cultures. All those who are interested to present signed up and scheduled they presentation. By then they will be ready with their display boards, show-and-tell of souvenirs. Some even shared treats from the area. It is a convenient way to learn about places they not have experienced or heard of if not for another child's sharing. The energy and excitement is high.

So far we had Mexico and Ireland. Next week, (Seattle,) USA and Philippines. Some children signed up for Canada and more.

The Math for this week focused on Mixed Fractions as they learn quantity and symbols.

third grade

SHHHH! Can You Keep a Secret?

Third Grade has a secret friend, Tiamat. Tiamat is a main character from the anchor text, Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher by Bruce Colville. The goal of the book is for Jeremy to raise a dragon. This dragon is invisible to other people and must be kept a secret. This week students are writing a narrative story that follows that storyline. These new stories are about how they would care for the Easter Bunny for a month. They need to plan feeding, lodging, and recreation for their guest while keeping their work a secret from everyone including their parents.

Cadbury the Bunny

Fourth Grade

After a nice break the fourth grade class is back to the grind. The students continue to tackle long division by using whiteboards, graph paper, post-its, and various manipulatives to help them better understand the concept of division. Of course, practice makes perfect! Additionally, the class is on the home stretch of their mission reports. Students are writing rough drafts and then typing them on Google Docs. It is a lengthy process, but each student has become fluid with their researching skills.

Fifth Grade

In fifth grade robotics, the students learned the definitions of important coding terms that they have used so far. Some of the terms included were algorithm, internet, function, function call, bug, digital citizen, digital footprint etc.

A few students came up with a new idea to create a real life coding game and called it "Coding with Roboto kids". There would be one or more players and the others would give commands in coding language to make the players move through obstacles to reach the destination.

sixth grade

This week in sixth grade science the students are learning that every species is linked with a multitude of others in an ecosystem. This relationship can be described as a food chain or web. As we explore these concepts the students will understand that ecosystems are dependent not only on the organisms it contains, but also the recycling of carbon, nitrogen, and water.

seventh grade

This week in S.T.E.M., the seventh grade learned different theories and skills.

In Science, students learned three different theories, the germ theory, miasma theory, and the blood generation theory, through a Nearpod.

In Robotics, students learned about binary numbers and patterns.

Lastly, in Industrial Design, students are learning how to take geometric forms and organic forms and turn them into products that work together.

Outside of S.T.E.M., some of our seventh graders, who are also involved with the school choir, attended the choir festival,

hosted by Saint Francis. The choir did extremely well and impressed the judge with their performance of the song “Let it Be.”

Write up- Andrea Radu

Photo Credit-Samantha Gonzalez, William Haberstock and Gabe Abella.

Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade students created Geometric Character Sketches and Essays as a final project for To Kill a Mockingbird. Students were quite creative as they proved character attributes and the novel’s thematic comprehension. The following is an excerpt from one student’s Geometric Character Sketch Essay: Atticus is represented by a bright yellow circle, with a ring of light yellow. I chose yellow for Atticus because it can be a mellow color as well as a strong, impactful color. Atticus’s personality can be gentle and fatherly, as well as strong and stern, making an impact. Atticus’s circle is placed right in the middle because he is very aware (and affected) by society’s views Atticus is level-headed, and he doesn't like to take any kind of violent or physical action.


The lesson of this month is about "Earth." The students learned how to protect the Earth and do the recycling. On the other hand, I let the 5-8 grade students use the recycle stuff to make the craft. One of the students used the glass bottle to make art. Some 5th grade students made the speakers and the kaleidoscope.

Vocabulary of this week: 垃圾分類 garbage classification (lè sè fèn lèi) / 塑膠 plastic (sù jiāo) / 紙 paper (zhǐ ) / 玻璃 glass (bō lí) / 鋁罐 aluminum cans (lǚ guàn)

Sentence: 我會垃圾分類 I can do the garbage classification (wǒ huì lè sè fèn lèi)

The lesson of May is "color."



With the installation of our outdoor net in the 'big-kid field', even the younger students have the opportunity to get some volleyball practice. Fundamental skill development has started off with bumping and serving beginning with posture and posing followed by contact swinging of the balls over the nets (closer for younger students and moving our way back to 'official' serving positions). Scrimmaging has already begun for some of our elder students.


Our younger students learned how to model serving sizes (portion control) for various food items by using hand symbols. Other lessons included the "3 of 5" food-group model for designing their own breakfasts. Upper grades learned about the biological and psychological effects stress has on the the human body and mind as well as methods to manage day-to-day stress. With labelled balls (each representing an obligation or aspect of stress like; "school", "friendships", "family", "sports", "hobbies", etc.) the middle school children used the metaphor of juggling these traits to find that not only are most of these life adversities are commonly universal, but can also be prioritized and managed.


With the Easter break behind us, its time for some renewal of our own in Extended Care. Toys, games, and art items that have been on hiatus have been cycled back into our program to breathe fresh new life. Recent donations and student contributions and feedback have reaped some great changes to our EC to keep our kids engaged and happy after-school. As previously mentioned, our program tries to always be inclusive to the children's wishes as they are the ones attending. Giving our guests a voice grants them ownership and accountability for their time spent after-school. From this sharing of information comes teacher directed art-projects, student assisted snack creations, indoor and outdoor game ideas, and free play materials based on current trends without compromising the quality of care and pedagogical stewardship of our staff.

With all of that said, there is always room for more! Our program's flexibility allows for donations and surprise drop-ins should you like your child to re-join us or visit for the first time! Feel free to contact the office and Mr. Lee and we can definitely find an after-school scheduling option that best fits you and and your student's busy lifestyle.

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