Top Ten Places to Visit in the World

#10- Las Vegas, Nevada

Lots of people go here to gamble and eat lots of food. They try to eat as much food as they can because this is nice food.

#9- Anchorage, Alaska

I would like to go here because no one wants to go there because it is not very ordinary. I like to do things that are not in people's comfort zone. This is one of them.

#8- New York City

I like seeing big cities, but not living in them. I would like to take my family here one day.

#7- Orlando, Flordia

I would like to see the beaches here. I would like to take my own family here someday.

#6- Los Angeles, California

This is the big movie making city. Lots of people live here for many reasons.

#5- New Orleans, Louisianna

This is a very small place near the ocean. I would like to go here someday.

#4- Denver, Colorado

This is very small state in my opinoin. I think this is very nice place, but not a big city.

#3- San Antonio, Texas

This a very hot and dry place. I think it would be a nice place to visit.

#2-Honolulu, Hawaii

It is full of beaches here. It would be a relaxing place to go.

#1- Hershey, Pennsylvania

It is the "chocolate town" of America. The park is called Hershey Park.


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