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At SLP, I like to keep things simple and I only offer one type of boudoir experience, the best kind. I don't complicate things with charging extra for outfit changes, props, length of session, hair and makeup add ons, etc. My goal is to be upfront, straight forward and transparent with my pricing and what you can expect with a boudoir session. I know that you will LOVE a session with Sheer Lace Photography. A session with me is a collaboration of comfort and beauty so sit back and let me take you through the Sheer Lace experience, step by step.

Mission Statement

Sheer Lace Photography is a premium boudoir studio that helps women discover and reclaim their beauty so they can have more confidence without having to conform to the modern day ideals of what is beautiful. Our studio provides a fun and carefree environment to capture a woman's natural beauty and give her a confidence boost that radiates into the rest of her life.

How to prep

  • Be sure to wax at least 5 days prior to your session or shave the night before your session.
  • We do not recommend getting a spray tan prior to your session but if you choose to, schedule your spray tan appointment for 4-5 days before your session. During the summer months, be very aware of tan lines because they are time consuming to edit out which may result in additional editing fees.
  • Make sure to get lots of sleep in the days leading up to your session and drink plenty of water to give yourself a natural glow.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes to your hair and makeup appointment to prevent indents in your skin. A button up shirt is recommended to make it easy for you to get changed without disturbing your fabulous new hairdo.
  • Bring your favorite lotion with you to give your hands and feet some love before your session. Give yourself permission to get a manicure and pedicure at Salon 1020 to give yourself the ultimate pampering experience and put the finishing touches on yourself.

What to wear...

A robe, a tank top or a t-shirt are good options.

It seems too simple but it is true, wear what makes you feel sexy and comfortable. Your outfits can vary from full coverage all the way down to implied nude. It is also important to wear what fits. Going up a size may help to flatter your body and prevent unwanted lines and indentations. {Remember, size is just a number!} Professional lighting and posing is going to help you forget about the size, and remember you are beautiful.

White, nude or black undies are great staples to have during your session. Props can be incorporated into your wardrobe as well as a "white sheet" set up.

You may also schedule a pre-session consultation by phone, video chat or in person where we will go over your outfit choices and figure out the details for your custom boudoir session. Bring a few outfits to your consultation and we will narrow it down to your favorite 2-3 for your session. The studio closet does have a selection of outfits that you are welcome to choose from. However, many clients say it was fun to put on the outfits photographed and it gave them an instant boost of confidence.

Cardigan, lace dress, silk bathrobe, t-shirt, sports jersey and a sweater make great wardrobe choices that are NOT lingerie.

Hair and Makeup

Sheer Lace Photography partners with a professional hair and makeup artist to provide you with the experience to have a mini-makeover for a day. I don't just want you to look good...I want you to FEEL like a million bucks. She will first provide you with a hairstyle that will accentuate your face and gorgeous curls to play with during your session. Then she will ask you what style of makeup you would prefer for your session. You can choose to keep it natural and light or go all the way up to a smokey eye, bright lipstick and glammed up lashes. By the time you leave the studio, we want you to have so much confidence, it overflows into everyone you meet.

Check us out on Pinterest!

Pinterest is a great resource for planning your boudoir session. Feel free to start a boudoir board (you can also make them SECRET!) and invite me to collaborate with you. This helps me get an idea of your style and preferences. If you choose, we can have a consultation in person or through video chat. Please note, your final gallery may not look exactly like your inspiration images due to photography style, equipment, props and location constrictions.

Viewing and ordering

SLP has a process called "Same Day Viewing and Ordering" which means your gallery will be ready for viewing in about an hour after your session. Your images will be gently retouched so you are able to see how amazing you look very quickly without sacrificing the quality. Once you have chosen how you would like to display your photos, the selected images will be completely retouched based on your preference. (lightly, natural or glam) Most of our high quality products are able to be ordered and shipped within 7 business days. For a small shipping fee, you can also choose to have your products shipped right to your door! This appointment is the only time you will be able to order from your gallery. If you want to order more, consider breaking up your products into separate orders. Place on order now and put the second order on a payment plan.

Payment Plans

Are you trying to keep your session a secret for a surprise gift later? Some clients worry their significant other would notice if they placed the order in full so they choose to go with the payment plan. This is also a good option if you are on a budget and want to make this experience as affordable as possible. SLP offers two types of payment plans for added convenience, studio financing and PayPal Credit. {must be approved through PayPal to use this option} Studio financing may be broken down into 3, 6 or 9 month payments and does not accrue interest. Your edits will be finalized and order will be place upon completion of your payment plan so schedule accordingly if you need your photos back by an anniversary, Christmas, Valentine's Day, ect. If you want to make payments and get your product quickly, PayPal credit is the way to go. If you are approved, they offer 6 month financing with 0% interest and your edits will be finalized and order placed ASAP. Most products will arrive within 7 business days.

Premium Quality Products

I work with a professional lab for all of my products to get you the highest quality albums, heirloom boxes, canvas and other fun gift ideas.

Social Media

Sheer Lace Photography is available on many social media channels. As mentioned above, you can follow SLP on Pinterest to share inspiration. You can also find SLP on Facebook on the public business page and also in a private group called "Sheer Lace VIP." I would also love to connect with you on Instagram!

It is important to note that privacy is an extremely important part of the Sheer Lace Photography mission. Models featured on any of my social media channels have given permission to share their images. I give my clients many privacy options from completely private to full model release and I respect every decision. Most of my clients choose to share some of their images because they are so proud of how amazing they look!!

Are you ready to schedule your session?

Would you still like more info?

Email Lacey at ljbeldock@gmail.com to set up your Free Consultation.

Thank You!

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