Senior Team for September 2019

This week we say goodbye to Mr McClay who is moving to Friars Primary School and Nursery as their new Principal. From September Miss Henley will be our Principal and we welcome Mr Aggus as our new Vice Principal.

A note from Mr McClay

At the end of this year I will be leaving Porters Grange to take on my new role of Principal at Friars Primary School over in Shoeburyness. I will be leaving Porters Grange with both sadness and pride. Sadness as I thoroughly love the school and will miss it dearly. Pride in the fact that I am leaving a good school with amazing children and staff. A huge thank you to everyone for their support over the past 5 and a half years and I wish the school every success in the future.

As I am moving to another school in the Portico Academy Trust I will continue to work closely with Miss Henley and staff at Porters Grange, and I am very much looking forward to seeing the continuing progress the school will no doubt make. Best wishes.

Year 2 visit to Southchurch Hall

Year 2 went on an educational visit to Southchurch Hall on Friday 17th May and had a brilliant day. Whilst there, the children had a fantastic time drawing Southchurch Hall. The children were really interested in the hall as it looked very much like the houses from the time of the Great Fire of London in 1666 which the children had been learning about. We also spent some time doing observational drawings of plants, flowers and trees as our current science topic is plants. Once the children had finished there was time to have some much needed fun with their friends after an extremely busy half term.

SEESMA Junior Music Festival Cliffs Pavilion

On Thursday 13th June the Porters Grange Choir took part in the Junior Music Festival.

We travelled by train to the Cliffs Pavilion for the morning rehearsal and had a picnic lunch there before returning to school. The rehearsal went brilliantly and the anticipation was building.

The children were excited to wear their new choir polo shirts for the evening performance.

Everyone taking part sang their hearts out and were a credit to Porters Grange. Mr McClay, Mrs Clifton and Mrs Lander were all spotted dancing at their seats!

Reception Visit to Hyde Hall

Sea Otters and Sea Lions enjoyed a marvellous day out at RHS Hyde Hall Gardens in May. The children took part in lots of activities linked to nature and thoroughly enjoyed being outdoors exploring the gardens. Children went on minibeast hunts, planted seeds, discovered beautiful colours and flowers, made bird’s nests using natural objects, and made their own bookmarks using leaves and petals. We all had a brilliant day!

The Music Man Project

On the morning of Tuesday 18th June we were really excited to welcome the team form The Music Man project to Porters Grange. The whole school was able to squeeze into the North Hall to join in with the amazing musical activities.

We learnt to sing and sign ‘Music is Magic’ and ‘Peace and Hope’ – some children were brave enough to sing a solo through the microphone. The last song was ‘High, Low, Middle’. We loved joining in with the dance moves. (Reggae, Gangnam style, Boogie Woogie, Flossing) but best of all was the Tango, where pupils and teachers paired up to dance together.

A huge thank you to Mr Stanley and his pupils for giving up their time to come to our school. Every child and adult left the hall smiling and strains of ‘Musc is Magic’ were heard around the school for the rest of the day.

Year 5 visit St Mary’s Church and Prittlewell Priory

On Monday the 17th June, Year 5 went on an educational visit to St Mary’s Church and Prittlewell Priory. We were very fortunate with the weather as it was a sunny day so the children and adults were in good spirits. When we were working in the church with the on-site members of staff, it was noted how well-behaved and engaged the children were whilst learning about the history of the church. The children’s knowledge on both the local area and of the historical periods was both astounding and accurate. Whilst we were there the children participated in a quiz about the history of the church, they worked very sensibly in teams and used clues from the church to answer the questions. They were very sensible and respectful of the church and the people around.

After we had visited the church, we took a nice walk down to Priory Park where we went into the vibrant, colourful gardens and sketched some of the scenery and flowers they could see. Once we had taken in the beautiful scenery, we sat down and sketched out part of Prittlewell Priory which was one the buildings the children had researched during our topic lessons – they were very excited as the work was set out into a scavenger hunt. Then, we found a nice shaded area to sit down and have our lunch.

Year 5 were a testament to Porters grange with their good manners and positive attitudes, they made the adults proud.

Year 6 Camping Residential to Danbury

Well, where do I start? Another year at Danbury and after three years staying in wooden cabins we were back in the tents for 2019. Two night under canvas. The children were very excited at the prospect. Mrs Hudson? A little less so!

The coach arrived at 10am on the Monday morning and everyone was organised and ready to get going. After loading the bags onto the coach, some of which were rather large for a three-day trip, we were off and on our way to deepest, darkest Essex. Just after 11am we had made it. Danbury. Our home until Wednesday.

The campsite at Danbury is fantastic and I have really enjoyed taking children there since 2015. When I joined Porters Grange, I wanted to start a new residential visit for the year 6 children as I have always valued how important they are to children’s academic and social development. Every year I have enjoyed getting to know the children better and seeing everyone really challenge themselves with new experiences. This year was no different.

Over the three days the children participated in 6 activities; bush craft, orienteering, caving, an obstacle course, archery and lastly ‘Leap of Faith’. Leap of Faith was a new activity for 2019 and involved climbing up a pole and then jumping off a platform at the top. It was a little scary but everyone gave it a really good go.

On the Tuesday night there was a fantastic bonfire where we toasted marshmallows. The children collected twigs from the forest and helped to construct the fire. It took a little effort to get it lit but eventually it was roaring away. The marshmallows were absolutely delicious!

In the spare time – and there wasn’t much - there were opportunities to play and spend time with friends. The sun shone for the whole of the trip and the children’s behaviour and attitudes were fantastic. I felt very proud on my last Porters Grange residential.

Thank you to every Year 6 camper. A great time had by all. A huge thank you also to Mrs Hudson, Miss Gibson, Miss Bartlett, Mr Rasor and Miss Henley. Without staff giving up their time, visits like this one do not happen.Year 5 – over to you for next year. I can tell you that in 2020 it’s back to the cabins… Mrs Hudson is jumping for joy.

Year 6 Southend Week

Whilst most of Year 6 went camping at Danbury, those who stayed behind enjoyed: a cooking experience at Waitrose, creative fun and games at East Beach, and a fun swim on Wednesday.

On Monday, the remaining pupils went to Waitrose where they were given a tour of the store and also made chocolate cupcakes (the parents won’t know this as I am guessing they didn’t get any!).

On Tuesday, everyone went on the train to Shoebury East Beach and created beach art, out of sand seaweed and stones, in small groups. Creations included: volcanoes, shipwrecks, Stonehenge, tide pools - one of which looked like a fish. Afterwards we had lunch and played rounders and football, and a few people purchased ice creams and lollies. A great time was had by all as we enjoyed the beautifully sunny weather.

On Wednesday we had our thirty minute regular swimming lesson and a thirty minute fun swim. Year 6 really enjoyed their fun week.

Year 6 Enterprise Day

Year 6 spent several weeks planning and preparing for Enterprise Week. We all designed a table each to facilitate our own exciting fairground games. From bean bag hoop throwing, to guessing the name of a teddy bear – we had it all! The event was a huge success, despite only lasting two days. We hosted children from every year group in the school, from reception to Year 5. It was incredibly sunny over the two days which was the perfect start to summer! Through all of our hard work and dedication, we were able to raise an incredible £630.45! A huge thank you from all of Year 6 to those who attended and helped the school raise some money. There is no doubt the fair will be another huge success next year!

Year 3 to Hadleigh Roundhouse

The Year 3 children enjoyed an amazing day out at Hadleigh Roundhouse. Everyone learnt so much and had a great deal of fun. In the morning we went into the house and went on a scavenger hunt to find lots of facts and information. We also went on an archaeological dig and found a skull with a hole in it. In the afternoon Miss McMillan became a Celtic warrior. We then practised our sword skills and learnt how to defend our bodies with a shield. Our final activity was making ball catapults and slinging balls using Stone Age methods. We had the most fantastic day and it was an excellent conclusion to our term’s learning.

Village Green

On Friday 12th July, 9 children selected for their interest and aptitude in Art, travelled to Chalkwell Park to take part in Village Green. This was the first time Porters Grange had visited this annual event and the children were able to take part in many different workshops.

N-Act Theatre in Schools used physical drama to talk about internet safety and three of our children performed alongside the actors.

Later they were entranced by the Science Boffins and his antics. They were amazed by the disappearing water, the exploding film canisters and fire breathing. – all explainable using science of course.

In between, the children took part in a drawing workshop with Focal Point Gallery, made giant bubbles at the Girlguiding stall and proved themselves to be great team players at the Scout activity tent.

With lunch accompanied by live music on the stage, our trip to Village Green was pronounced a success, with everyone agreeing they would go again.

Year 6 Dream On...

To round off their time at Porters Grange the children of Year 6 presented to their parents “Dream On” a musical version of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night Dream. Although preparation and rehearsal time was short they performed with vim and vigour.

There were Mafiosi fairies who rapped, a fairy king and queen who quarrelled, mechanicals who acted (badly) with one making a complete “ass” of himself! The children acted and sang to the best of their ability and the parents who came to watch had a wonderful time.

The path of true love may have meandered but in the end all was well!

Well done Year 6 and fare thee well on your new adventures.

Goodbye Year 6

Sports Days

On Thursday 18th July we attempted to hold our KS1 sports morning in the playground. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas! A persistent rain meant that we had to move the event indoors. Once inside the children of Years 1 and 2 competed in a range of races and challenges to earn points for their teams. The children all tried their best and were well supported by their families and friends who attended.

A huge thank you is owed to our magnificent parents for their patience and understanding whilst we worked around the weather to put on an event. Your support for your children is invaluable and we appreciate your understanding during the waiting!

Also a big thank you to the volunteer sports leaders from Southend High School for Girls who helped run the events for the children and for their flexibility when faced with challenges of the weather.

On Tuesday 16th July in glorious sunshine the children of Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 competed in our annual sports morning. All of the children competed fairly, in good spirits and gave their maximum effort. The event was well attended by family and friends who cheered their loved ones on during the races and challenges of the morning.

Once again we were fortunate enough to have volunteer sports leaders from Southend High School for Girls who marshalled the events for us. A huge thank you to them for their support; they are a credit to themselves and their school.

The winner of the overall competition is at this time not known as we have yet to tabulate the results with the Key Stage 2 morning.

Borough Sports

Congratulations to the 19 children who took part in the Key Stage 1 borough sports this month. They all practised hard for their event with our lunch-time coach; as a result they made a number of finals and were it not for an accident may well have won the relay! Their behaviour was outstanding; they are a credit to themselves, their families and the school. All of the children gave 100% in each event and we are very proud of them. Well done to them all!

A huge well done to the 58 pupils across Key Stage 2 who represented the school at the borough athletics this term. Their behaviour was exemplary and they are a credit to themselves, their families and the school. All of the children who were selected have shown their dedication to the cause by giving up their lunch-times to practise with a sports coach. Every single pupil tried their hardest in their event and left nothing in the “tank”. Once again well done to all who took part!

Portico Art & Design Festival

The Portico Art and D.T. Festival took place for the first time this year. It showcased art and D.T. work from across the academy and the exhibition travelled from school to school over a week.

Work was showcased from all the year groups at Porters Grange. The art curriculum was represented with Rangoli patterned prints, seascape paintings, mosaic tiles, self portrait photography, ‘cave painting’ in pastels, paper dolls, masks and sunflowers and a garden diorama.

D.T. displayed work designed and made by the children. This included jack in the box style toys, Stone Age huts, Greek style pottery pots and working moon buggies.

We hosted the exhibition on Thursday the 20th of June and everyone had the opportunity to view the exciting collection of work during school time and at our open evening. Parents and children alike loved seeing the range of art and D.T. on show and we received many compliments for our own school’s contribution from the other schools in the academy.

We hope that this festival will take place annually and are looking forward to seeing what the children create for next year and in the years to come.

Portico 3 Tee cricket

On Thursday 4th July, six year 2 children from Porters Grange Primary School took part in a 3T’s cricket competition against Friars and Hamstel Infants. The children competed really well. We competed against Friars first and this was a draw and then we played Hamstel which we lost. This was a fantastic achievement as the children had only learned the game the week before!

Portico Yr 2/3 Enrichment Day

On Thursday 11th July, six members of Year 2 and six members of Year 3 took part in a special day of activities at Hamstel Junior School, along with 30 other children from across the Portico Academy. Upon their arrival, the children were made aware of some strange circumstances before discovering that an alien egg had fallen from the sky onto the school field. After decoding an important message from Gloop (the alien) the children set about a variety of activities to discover all about the mysterious alien and his home planet. Some children were challenged to build a protective casing to launch the egg back into Space while others worked as tour guides. Another activity involved locating hidden messages with UV light to build a detailed picture of Gloop and his planet. Overall, the day was a huge success and one which the children will certainly remember for years to come!

Dates for the diary

  • Tuesday 3rd September - INSET DAY
  • Wednesday 4th September - INSET DAY
  • Thursday 5th September - Children return to school
  • Friday 25th October - Individual school photos
  • Monday 28th - Friday 1st October - Half Term
  • Monday 4th October - INSET DAY
  • Tuesday 5th October - Children return to school
  • Thursday 19th December - INSET DAY
  • Friday 20th December - Friday 3rd January - Christmas holidays
  • Monday 6th January - Children return to school

Have a wonderful summer break from all of us at Porters Grange

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