New Atlantis By Blake Johnson

New Atlantis

New Atlantis - A new kind of Paradise

Our Seal:

Purpose: The purpose of New Atlantis is to grow our definitions of paradise, and to create the ideal place to live.

Earning Citizenship: The requirements to become a resident of New Atlantis include having the same purpose as the Utopia itself, to create paradise. To earn your spot in New Atlantis, you must meet the requirements to get in. We will check this through our thorough background checks, to make certain that an applicant would be the right fit for the community.

Community Commandments: The rules of the community include: 1)All citizens must obey the King of New Atlantis, NO EXCEPTIONS 2)Driving of cars is forbidden until age of 14 and after passing the drivers test 3) All residents must attend school from 9am to 12pm until the age of 25 4) All residents must attend work from 12pm to 4pm starting at age 14 and continuing until age 45 5) All citizens are allowed Freetime from 4pm to 10pm, but must use the time to better themselves and the community 6) All citizens must obey the King of New Atlantis, NO EXCEPTIONS 7) All residents must help the community by attending a period of work, relating to the job they are given once accepted into the community or by the age of 14 if born in community 8) Each family consists of 1 mother, 1 father and 3 children 9) All citizens must eat what they are given, no more, no less, for health purposes 10) All citizens at the age of 20 or higher are allowed a piece of

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