The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt

The Spatial Experience:

When I entered the room where the stage was, I found that I was pretty excited for the play to begin, the room was cool, and there were lots of people dressed up in formal clothing telling us where to sit. I was seated in the 2nd row, right in front of center stage. This made my experience wonderful because I felt fully immersed in the play, they actors and actresses were looking directly at me when what they were saying pertained to the audience. I also did not miss anything, being so close to the action. When the lights dimmed i could feel the anticipation in the room from me and all my friends that went to see it with me. It was cold in the room and we were ready for the play to get started. The auditorium's size was very large, however I was seated in the smaller front section of the theater, so it really didn't seem as large. The stage encompassed us on three sides. The room had great acoustics as well. The role place in the Good Life is to give us a perspective on how we live everyday. It helps shape our values and opinions, because opinions all tend to differ depending on where people are "standing" on an issue.

The Social Experience

I attended the performance with a couple of friends from my hall and who happen to be in the Good Life. I also went with my roommate as well. To get ready for the play I read the online study guide to get an idea what the play was about and learn who all was in the play. I also was interested in what the writer of the play's origin and passions were. I also put on a collared shirt, to look more formal at a play. Attending with friends made it much more meaningful. As we realized what the play was about and the seriousness of the subject, the little jokes and whispers stopped. Everyone realized that this was no subject to joke around with and it made the play more memorable for me. The role of experiencing things with friends is that it exposes people to different view points. The differing opinions helped shape my own opinions of the play, and gave me another way of looking at it. This can happen on a larger scale as well.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The setting and time line gave a new perspective on how that area of history is a gloomy one that included lots of exploitation of children. Even though there is not much history to come out of Quebec during this time, it is a story that could be mirrored in many other big cities during this time period. The central issue addressed in this play was the manipulation and exploitation of children in poverty during this time period. I knew that during this time period child labor laws were not being enforced properly, and that poor children had a very tough life. The church rapes have been a plague on many denominations through the years, and is more of a side story in this play. However, this side story is a sad tale of what can happen when poor children are backed into a corner. It changed my views about how manufacturing regulations sometimes can be very intense and be more of a power grab. The exploitation of children, I now see, is the reason some of these regulations exist, to ensure that people are not exploited. Fortunately, the subject matter does not have many parallels to my life. I work for a family business where everyone does things legally and most of all, everyone working for the company is happy.

The Emotional Experience

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt gives us a chance for Katharsis because it allows us to see the issues in life during this time period. The social issues displayed during this time can allow us to reflect on what is going wrong in our lives, and how we can help to fix it. We can help by bringing awareness to issues like the ones that this play brings about. It gives us a chance to "come clean" by cleansing our conscious of any guilt or misgivings we have.

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