Gorman’s guide: Burgers for non-burger-lovers

I was always the kid who ordered grilled cheese, chicken nuggets or pizza. It was never, and never will be, the burger.

Living in Texas my entire life meant I had to love burgers; everyone does. The number of burgers I have wasted because “you have to try this” or “this one is different, I swear, it is so good” is an ungodly amount. While being a person who has never loved burgers, I have three burger restaurants that, as a non-burger-lover, I absolutely will crave.

The very first, very best burger is Chip’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers. There are three locations, one in Plano off State Highway 121 near Stonebriar Centre, one in Lakewood and the other on Lovers Lane in Dallas. I get the classic burger with everything except onion and pickle but I add mayonnaise. That is right; a third pound patty with lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard and a poppy seed bun. You also have to get the shoestring onions rings; they are a classic. A banana shake is normally added to my order as well.

The environment has a classic pub feel, with wooden tables and red gingham table cloths. I typically lean towards the booth, which has cushiney, green seats.

Chip’s is not too big or too messy. You get a perfect meat to topping ratio. I can hold the burger easily in my child-sized hands, so everything does not fall out. The fixings do not overpower the flavor of the burger, and there is not too much meat to the burger dry. Even if it was plain, the patty is sufficient enough where it would still be good. The shoestring onion rings are outstanding. I prefer them with a side of ranch, but really, do whatever you please as long as you order them. I do not even like onions, but these are quite the show stoppers. The banana shake is a classic sweet to top off your meal.

Next, there’s Big Daddy’s Ship Store, located on Scott’s Landing Marina on Lake Grapevine. It has the messiest, juiciest burger in the best way possible. I typically order their classic burger with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. I also, once again, get the shoestring onion rings. Big Daddy’s isn’t known for its burgers, but this is a hidden gem..

I love the environment: picnic tables on a dock jutting out onto the lake. If you have a boat, you could pull it up and eat while tied to the dock. It is perfect in the summer, especially after taking a swim. This is a burger that runs down the back of your hands, a chin-dripping kind of burger. I normally finish this off with a Coca-Cola. Nothing helps with the digestion better than some high fructose corn syrup and excessive carbonation.

Lastly, we have Jakes Burgers, an amazing restaurant on Main Street Grapevine with eight area locations. The inside is always much darker than it is outside. Again, I prefer a booth, so if I can get one of those, I do. On the back wall, there is a large neon sign that is a decent portion of the restaurant's light source. When I go, I get their classic burger, with no pickle or onion. I get my burger with their classic tater tots and ranch and a sweet tea. This is a massive burger; I always forget its size when I get it even with just the single patty. A trip to Jakes ends with a full stomach and feeling like a beached whale.

These three burger spots have changed my perception on America’s favorite meal.

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