Winds by:alexis smith

Global Winds

Global winds are what they sound like global winds patterns divided into 3 different wind belts. Each of these belt are in each hemisphere meaning there is a of six winds.All the winds blow north in a northern summer and south in a northern winter.

Global Convection Currents

A global convection cell is exactly what is sound like a convection cell in the two different hemispheres. the convection of wind is from the earths uneven heating .Due to the uneven heating a convection cell is set into motion from this. the effects of this convection cell makes new winds.

Coriolanus effect

The Coriolanus effect is an phenomenon that causes fluids like water and air to curve as they travel the earths surface. This is all around but hard to see but during a hurricane you can see the occurrence with the eye causing the hurricane to spin. you can also see it if your spinning.

Global Winds Belts

The Global Winds belts are a part of the the Global winds each one of these belts pop up once in each hemisphere are three total which are the westerlies, easterlies ,and trade winds


The Doldrums is a low pressured area around the equator were the Prevailing winds are calm and sometimes completely gone this causes sailors to become trapped.

Horse Latitudes

The horse latitudes is a belt of calm air and sea occurring in both the northern and southern hemispheres between the trade winds and the westerlies.

Trade Winds

The trade winds are the prevailing pattern of easterly surface winds found in the tropics.These winds are inside of the troposphere.

Prevailing Westerlies

The Prevailing Westerlies are winds from the west originating from the high-pressure areas in the horse latitudes and tends towards the poles and steers extra tropical cyclones in this general manner.

Polar Easterlies

The Polar Easterlies are dry, cold prevailing winds that blow from the high-pressure areas of the polar highs at the North and South Poles towards low-pressure areas within the Westerlies at high latitudes.

Jet Streams

The Jet Streams are fast flowing, narrow, meandering air currents found in the atmosphere. The main jet streams are located near the altitude of the tropopause and are westerly winds


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