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week one

I kept it simple this week with three 3D models of fictional brands. Overall, Adobe Dimension made it funny and easy to apply the labels I made in Illustrator to the models. I think the biggest advantage of using Dimension for 3D modelling is the availability of starter assets – models, materials and lights which make the task easy and fun. I was also able to experiment with tweaking the shapes and sizes of the starter assets, as well as applying different types of materials and lighting.

Korova Moloko Plus

Potemkin Meats

Ahab's Coffee

Week two

Having created three 3D objects for fictional products as my first assignment, I wanted to place these objects in the context of the worlds they came from – Moby Dick, A Clockwork Orange and Battleship Potemkin. I originally wanted to superimpose the objects onto still frames from film renditions of the source material, but found that approach provided results wherein the objects seemed out of place. I think I would need to create more visual context for the frames to blend in more smoothly. So, instead, I went with creating print style ads for the three products. The text was added on the Dimension-rendered images by using Adobe Photoshop. Does Dimension allow 3D Text? Did I miss something?

Two things I struggled with this week were: (1) the lighting function doesn't seem to allow much customisation, and (2) the render times for two of my projects were extremely long (even though I used web-ready images as backgrounds). Would I have been better off rendering the 3D objects without background images in Dimension and then superimposing them onto the background images in Photoshop?

Final Reflection

I found Dimension to be a great tool that would be extremely useful in doing the basic work in advertising, product/package design and advertising. However, I have not yet had enough time to extend the use of the basic features and also explore what additional assets are freely available (or even at a reasonable price).

Overall, Dimension's biggest advantage is ease of use. It also doesn't hog up system resources like other 3D modelling software. Some of the features I would like to experiment with some more is how to combine the starter assets to create shapes and also play with the lighting to create effects.


Created with images by mploscar - "macro marble ball sphere"

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