OHC Student Newsletter 22nd May 2020

Hi Everyone - Welcome to our final Student Newsletter this half-term. As always we hope you are all well and enjoying the lovely sunshine we have been having over the last few days. Maybe some of you have tried out the museum tours, watched "A Knight's Tale" or played some board games either at home or over the internet with friends and family. The Digital School would still love to showcase more of your home-based project work, so please send any articles you would like to share to: sgale@orchardhill.ac.uk

Fun news stories to share:

Bear the Dog has been saving Koala's

Earlier this year we all saw the news stories of the terrible bush fires in Australia. Now that these fires have been contained, many of the native animals are returning to their homes. Unfortunately due to the habitat being so badly destroyed, there are not enough plants and wildlife for the animals to feed and build new homes.

This is where Bear the Dog has proved so helpful to the Koala's and the people trying to rescue them.

Bear goes out into the damaged habitat and searches for sick and injured Koala bears. He finds them in the undergrowth or up in the trees and lets the rescue services know where they are. The rescue staff then collect the Koala's and take them to safety.

Well done Bear and all of the other detection dogs that are helping out.

Father and daughter make their walks fun....

A father and daughter in Spain have decided to get creative and cheer up the neighbours and themselves on their daily walk. Everyday they dress up as different characters to make the journey more fun.

So far they have been seen as Olaf and Elsa from Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzel, Spiderman and Batman & Robin - who knows who they will dress up as next?

What a simple fun way to cheer up your day!

An update on Captain Tom Moore

As a thank you for all his fundraising efforts, Colonel Tom Moore is to become a Knight. As an honorary Colonel his new official title will be Captain Sir Thomas Moore under Ministry of Defence protocol.

Captain Tom, who was born in Keighley, West Yorkshire, captured the hearts of the nation. More than £20M of the money he raised has already been handed out to NHS charities across the country.

IKEA have come up with 6 genius ideas for homemade forts....

So if you really need to do something different or have young children at home - why not try building one of Ikea's blanket forts.

The Swedish company have devised six types of childhood hideaways that can provide a cozy place to read a book, play games or watch a movie......

Why not look them up on-line and have a go at building one.

With the new film due out in December this year, we are going to head back to a 1986 classic: Top Gun (12)

Directed by Tony Scott, this 1986 action drama is considered culturally significant by the National Film Registry

The story follows the ups and downs of Pete "Maverick" Mitchell and his good friend Nick "Goose" Bradshaw when they start training at the US Navy's Fighter Weapons School in California.

When the film came out the critics gave it mixed reviews but the great action sequences, arial stunts and acting performances made it a big hit with the public. If you like a good action adventure with great scenes and a touch of romance, this is definitely worth a watch.

The new movie will follow on 30 years later when Maverick will still "feel the need - the need for speed".............

This week you can check out the virtual Chelsea Flower Show 2020

The latest event to go virtual is the Chelsea Flower Show

If you are missing nature or have just never thought of visiting the Chelsea Flower show - why not check out the virtual show this year.

All this week top gardening experts and tv hosts are sharing articles and stories. You can find out more about the Royal Horticultural Society, look up advice on plants and flowers, buy plants online or find out how to redesign your outside space.

Now, can you find some classic flowers in our weekly Word-search?

Have a lovely half-term break and enjoy the sunshine!

Look after yourselves and the people around you....

And remember - we all need to make sure we keep exercising to keep fit & healthy and wash our hands regularly. We also need to look after our general wellbeing through reading, online learning, watching films, playing games and other activities we can do at home.

Have another good week everyone!