Yo Chamo

New upcoming young artist from the Bronx New York, Chamir Ricardo Martinez Moreta also known by the stage name Yo Chamo born on November 11th of year 1991 in Dominican Republic and raised in Bajos de Haina Saint Cristobal. Living with mother Corporina Emilia Moreta Ferreras and father Nino Martinez Lara, Chamir was influenced by his father being a songwriter, guitarist and composer. At the age of 6 Chamir started to also sing some of his father’s material and lyrics at home and around family members. Inspirational artist were Back Street Boys, Eminem, Linkin Park, Michael Jackson and other Latin underground artist unknown. At the age of 10 he started to play sports like Basketball and Baseball and attending school for English in addition practicing every day after school for sports while also studying computer hardware, software and graphic design. In the year 2009 Chamir and his family suffered a downfall thru a family incident and lost a love one. In the year 2012 Chamir decided to move on his own to New York City and rented a room in a basement to find his new way in life while also deciding to be a Barber without any experience to cut some hair to make a way of living and surviving. At the time he met a friend in which was also an upcoming artist and took him to a music studio to record his 1st track in New York. In 2013 Chamir got married to his spouse Yurlenys De La Rosa Severino, and a year after they had wonderful blessings as Twins known as Chamir & Yamir. So a couple months later Chamir decided to write and compose music, while being surrounded by friends who also have a clothing brand known as the 700 Winnaz in which they support his music to this day. In 2015 he decided to release his 1st solo recording as a Spanish Remake Track on YouTube known as Like Me by Jeremiah & Lil Durk.

He started to receive a lot of good feedback from family, friends and his fan base in which he started to gain thru music. So he then decided to continue as an Artist known now as Yo Chamo and record more songs to be able to upload on media sites like Sound Cloud & YouTube and listen to fans reactions towards his music. In 2016 Yo Chamo came across another Musical Producer & Engineer known as Mizter Tokka “The Producer” and started to sit down with him and let him know his ideas as an artist and what he wanted to achieve in the music, so then he decided to record more Spanish Remake tracks to get his voice heard. Songs like What Do You Mean, Panda and Controlla by Drake.

At the time he also recorded a Spanish freestyle to the song Bag On Me by A-Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Ft. Don Q on his phone and posted it on his Facebook page in which went viral and came across Don Q’s attention and was also reposted by him meanwhile the fans loved the idea of the song in Spanish.

Yo Chamo decided to record his Spanish version of the song La Paka Encima e’ Mi “Bag On Me” and release it on Sound Cloud and YouTube. Yo Chamo received a lot of good comments, feedback and support from all around New York City. He also decided to make a Music Video to the song La Paka Encima e’ Mi in which was released also on YouTube later that month. Yo Chamo’s fan base started to grow and was getting support from friends and DJ’s from the area like DJ Rare and DJ Kass in which were also playing Yo Chamo’s songs at mixes, events and night clubs around New York. Yo Chamo later on released another Spanish remake track called Hennesy Con Patron “You Was Right”

The latest track playing at events and clubs Demasiado Criminal Soy “Starboy” by TheWeeknd. At this time Yo Chamo is also working on original tracks for his upcoming Mixtape and E.P. Yo Chamo’s dream is at his reach with the support of his parents, family, friends and whom ever believes in him, he will continue to make good music as he states (This is just the start of something wonderful for me and my family and in God hands I have my talent and my future).

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