Mother Mentor a continuum of experience and support

A mother's role is to nourish and care for others, and we are also responsible to nourish and care for ourselves. If we can support other mothers as well, the better life will be for everyone.

The first level of nourishment begins in the heart. It involves a deep, affirming sense of what we personally add to life - our unique value. Who am I? Why am I here? How am I useful? What is within me to give that is helpful? For a mother to know her worth, and then support each of her family to know their worth, is to give lifelong nourishment.

Each of us is a person in our own right, underneath the functions of life we perform. From birth till death, we are who we are. It is uncomfortable to try to be anything else. Whether we express ourselves positively or negatively in daily life is what varies, and that expression is fully our own responsibility; no-one else can animate us from within. Forcing someone to be something they are not is also damaging. However, no matter our occupation or function, we still express who we are through that function; our unique character shows through.

We are born with everything we need to play a certain role. At the very least, we have talents and strengths that are useful to society and that we can exchange to create a meaningful life. Humanity is simple in its natural setup and there are basic roles in life to fulfill: to nourish and serve (laborer), to clothe, connect and animate (merchant), to protect (warrior), to teach and bring awareness (educator), to change (outsider, innovator). Which role resonates with you? Which reason always motivates you? Natural life has simplicity, order and certainty of purpose.

To "Know Thyself" and choose to BE the expression of that, and be valued by our fellow humans for it, is the core of well-being. Regard for self and others is required for us all to flourish. Having a personal purpose is healing, in addition to fulfilling the duties we have to our families, community and humanity at large. It could be said that all of life works well and is balanced when each of us is fulfilling the role that resonates with us - that we were born to do - and taking care of a necessary function.

To be able to answer the question: "What is within me to give, that flows out of me without intellectually forcing it to, that I have always done and will continue to do, irrespective of whether I get paid for it or not?". May the mothers around us nourish and care for us by helping us answer that question.

Created By
Didileia Worth


Mother, Ayurvedic Health Educator

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