Evergreen Strong roots


Unity is our goal. When we all unite and connect our roots, we can accomplish the impossible.


  1. Always work hard, and help out
  2. Share and serve those around you
  3. Curfew is at 10pm for kids under 14 and 12pm for those older than 14
  4. No violence
  5. Be creative don't be afraid to try something new
  6. respect parents until age 18 and grow stronger under their care
  7. Feel confident in being uniqu
  8. Show kindness to all
  9. Treat the land and animals with respect
  10. Live life to the fullest
Evergreen takes place on an island. It is very luscious, green and filled with all sorts of animals. There are also lots of flavorful foods. Our homes are high in the trees to be protect us from the dangers of the forest floor. The trees roots make a strong steady base to hold our tree house village.
Evergreens day starts around 6:30. If your lucky you will wake up to the birds singing. The leader ship is pretty chill(Meritocracy/democracy has a pres and group of people chosen be their talent to help the pres.) The only thing they do in the day is make sure there is food and everyone gets along. Around 8am people go to work and school. The main jobs are gatherer, builder, protector, and teacher. Work and school go till 3. then you have free time the rest of the day. At 10pm is when the small kids come home and 12pm is the max for the 14 year olds and up. By 12:30 there is no sound to be herd but the sound of the forest animals.
Evergreen is an awesome place to live because it's on as island with a nice beach, you live in trees, you eat great food, you can get exotic pets, and for your mode of transportation you get an elephant. Evergreen is so peaceful and the community is strong. We stick together and are happy.

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