They won't see this coming The start

We are on a mission to change the way people see fashion. It is our objective to make true art using photography. What we make is for all to see, but most importantly is helping others on the way.

As we continue to generate new and unique ideas, we hope that our community will be ready for something different.

Freddy's Photography is working hard to keep up with the demands of our different perspective of life. Where everyone fails to see beauty, we seek to find it. A brief moment frozen in time in a photo.


Our work is focused more on the creative arts of photography. We build a look we hope is unique and inspire diversity in personalities. It is our hope to become the leaders of the fashion industry in the RGV, by changing first how people see fashion.

"The world needs a new way of looking at it. We can help you see it for what it really is, beautiful and wonderful"

We are located all over the RGV

In a world where most people believe that everything has already been done, we seek to develop ideas that are original and different. It is part of our mission to put fashion and photography at a point that will shock people. It can take less than a minute to come up with an idea, but making it come true can be the most difficult and exciting part of the job. As we work to bring the Valley a new form of photography we hope that the community will embrace the unique ideas we bring forth.

Contact information


Phone: call, text, or voicemail


You can also contact us though Facebook Messenger.

It is difficult for us to pic up the phone while we are doing photo shoots. Text and Messages are the best way to communicate with us. We will reply as soon as we can.

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