Annastasshia Ames Personal Introduction

Who am I?

Educator| Adventurer | Web Developer


In 2020, I graduated from Georgia Southern University with a master's degree in instructional technology. I also received my bachelor's degree in early childhood education and a minor in linguistics from Kennesaw State University.

Concluding a program with Georgia Tech, I recently became certified as a Full-Stack Programmer.

Google Expedition Virtual Reality Lesson

Teaching Experience

From 2nd to 5th Grade, I have taught in a wide array of settings and demographics. I started my teaching journey in Quito, Ecuador with an amazing group of 4th graders. I then moved to an inner city Title 1 school in Charlotte, NC. There was 4 main languages being spoken and English was not the primary one. My class comprised of Burmese, Arabic, and Spanish students with only a small handful of native english speakers. It was here that I honed a lot of my teaching skills to span a wide audience simultaneously. It was here that I started my first coding club. Unsatisfied with the learning environment limitations I decided to make my own classroom furniture out of free wood pallets and old furniture. I soon after moved to Atlanta, Ga and taught in a title 1 school for 2 more years.

Taught math theory like this to my 5th graders so that we could commune with the mathematicians of old
Freshly painted furniture I built for my second grade deskless classroom.

Professional Development

Instructional technology and technical knowledge has always been a overwhelming strength of mine. With the face of education shifting digitally, I often found myself in the role of staff trainer for various software and technology integration initiatives. I have hosted numerous professional development trainings on instructional software by Google, Discovery Ed, Flipgrid, Quizlet, and more. Digital citizenship and digital security awareness was also been a feature in my formal and informal trainings.


Traveling is one of my greatest joys. I have ran the streets London, hiked across Ireland, summited volcanos in Ecuador, and witnessed the beauty of Indonesia. Every year I try to visit one thing new whether that be in the US or across the world. I firmly believe that traveling opens the heart and truly allows one to empathize with other cultures.

Crater Lake in Ecuador

Artistic Pursuits

I love to paint, draw, digitally design, video edit, and take photographs.

Being creative has only helped me in my professional pursuits.

A photo taken in the dungeons of some castle ruins in Ireland

May the Fourth be with you forever!

My husband and I were getting married in March but had to cancel due to Covid-19. We signed the papers on Star Wars day but are waiting till it is safe for family to travel to have a formal ceremony.

Adventurer | Gamer

This is me rock climbing in northern Georgia. I love to go backpacking and primitive camping. I recently hiked the Georgia portion of the Appalachian trail by myself. It took me 6 days to hike 80 miles.

I have played video games all my life with my first love being an RTS called Starcraft. I am also a super fan of the Zelda, Portal, and Halo franchise but have recently been playing Minecraft, Destiny 2, and various indie games.

Appalachian Trail
This sign was not kidding.

Nothing is gained if no risk is taken

Skydiving for the first time.
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Annastasshia Ames


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