Elaine's Profile by Elaine Zhang


  • Social- enjoys being around people, work and help people
  • Introspective-likes to reflect on things
  • Hands-on- like to be practical
  • Motivated and driven

Passions & Interests

  • Books, Books, Books - love to read
  • Nature- nothing calms my mind and body more than being in nature away
  • Travel- exploring and experiencing new places and new cultures
  • Helping others
  • Building relationships
my passions: books, nature, travel, relationships


  • Can't accept failure-perfectionist
  • Can't say "no" to people
  • Does not like to be put in front of an audience or be observed
  • Dislike confrontations
  • Overly critical of self

Career Goals

  • Love what I do
  • Work with others to motivate in some way
  • Stable job that provides for the family
  • Flexibility
  • Good amount of vacation time


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