Florida Museum By: Jordan Johnson

The Butterfly and Rainforest Exhibit was really cool! I have never been to a butterfly garden in my life. I did not know what to expect. I thought of if kind of a mystery to me and was excited when I passed through the second door. This is something that I have never done before and let me step out of my busy life and take a second to appreciate nature. I think experiencing things like this lets us as humans better understand nature and a majesty of life. I believe it allows us to do so, by allowing us to immerse ourself into something that we do not expense everyday. I am glad that I not only did the play, but did both museums.
This part of the Museum was definitely my favorite. Ever since I was little I have been obsessed with marine life. I love the majesty of the ocean and the relationship land and water have with one another. I also find it really fascinating that animals can breath through the water and without air. The museum did a really great job capturing the Florida Gulf coast and highlighting the parts that are sometimes looked over. I did learn about the mangroves, I did not know that they had adapted over time to withstand water that was more salty. I thought it was really cool that they have done those adaptations over time.
For the relationship between ethics and nature I took a picture in front of NorthWest Florida exhibit. I maybe a city boy, however I still like to get out and see the Earth as god put it. I really appreciate land that has been untouched by humans. I think that everyone even if they do not like the great outdoors, does need to appreciate the land in which we all live on. I felt like this exhibit was really well done and explained the importance of nature and the Florida's ecosystems. I saw that most people that experienced this part of the museum really took their time to read everything that was posted. I thought people, when I was there, were really interested in this exhibit.

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