Life hacks for dog owners By: Monserrat Mendieta

Dogs are loving creatures that require a lot of attention and care. Much like humans they need entertainment, food, health products and more. However, ensuring they receive these things can be hard and tedious at times. Here are three life hacks that can assist with keeping your canine healthy and happy.

Homemade Tug Toy

This life hack was easy and my dog enjoyed playing with the result. I think this hack was useful because it is simple to make and dogs often don't pay attention to their older toys so this tug toy can entertain them for awhile. The only problem that I encountered was that my dog could easily break the toy apart. I think this homemade tug of war is better for dogs that are more gentle.

Rating: 8/10

DIY Pill pockets

This life hack is useful as my dogs often refuse to take their medicine. These pockets not only function as a tasty treat for your pets but they make life easier by tricking them into taking their pills.

Rating: 10/10

Sweatshirt pet bed

This life hack is creative and can make use of sweaters you do not wear anymore. It felt practical to be able to reuse something I already have. The only issue I faced was making sure my dogs do not tear the bed apart as it is delicate. Dogs often like to sleep in various areas around the house so I felt this hack could be used to give pets more places to rest.

Rating: 9/10