only daughter connotation marcos ruiz

The connotative impact of the words "only daughter" is that these word express the loneliness cisneros feels being the only girl in her family.

The denotation of the phrase "only dauhter" is that she only famele child or the only girl in the family of six sons.

cisneros's father boast that he has "siete hijos" the connotation impact og hijos..negative because her father has six sons and one daughter.

The dennotation of hijos is a male or a son. For all they are seven children but they are six son boys and a girl

Cisneros laments that her father refers to her as a “maestra” not even a “profesora”. What is the connotative impact of these words?

cisneros laments that her father refers to her as a maestra no aven a profesora .The connotative impact of these words are.

Cisneros wanted the father to talk about her was the only one that staged

The denotation of the word maestar is...The teacher is a woman who teaches girls education and among other things.


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