New band writes about social issues by Jonathan Miranda

FYKE is a band from Los Angeles with an alternative/rock and hardcore sound. Through their music, the band looks to shed light on social issues involving anxiety, depression, and identity. Their first single, "Favorite Mistake," was released on February 24, 2017. Since then, FYKE has released an EP titled "Nightmares," where each song depicts a "social nightmare," according to frontman Enik Lin in a 2017 Q&A video.

(left to right) Steven Delman, Enik Lin, Gerard Christian, Mikee Fabella, and Justin Wright of FYKE performing at 1720 in L.A..

A fyke is a giant fishing net used to capture a lot of fish. Like the fishing net, the band FYKE looks to reach as many people as possible through the positive message of their music.

"Insecure" is a song that is told from the perspective of a young woman who sees herself as less-than, compares herself to her peers and seeks ways to change her image.

"No one is perfect! That goes for guys as well. There’s no denying that every single person in this world faces insecurities, and we just want this song to let people know that it’s okay to feel it." - Mikee Fabella

Mikee Fabella (left), who grew up in Rancho Cucamonga, plays bass and vocals for FYKE.
In addition to doing vocals and writing lyrics for FYKE, Enik Lin (right) does production and graphic design for the band.

When asked why FYKE is aimed at addressing social issues in their music, Fabella says, "Not a lot of people talk about it these days. We feel that having this sort of platform with our music, we just really want to take advantage of that and reach out. It’s crazy to think that a lot of people who suffer from depression, suicide, loneliness and even anxiety all feel like they’re alone and that no one cares. But the truth is they aren’t."

Now, on Facebook, the band has a fan page called "FYKE CLUB" where people are able to talk about their issues.

"FYKE CLUB" enamel pin available now at FYKE's official merchandise site, fyke.bigcartel.com. Photo taken by Jonathan Miranda

"If you feel like life is getting the best of you, you can come and just let all those emotions out. It’s a place where no one will judge you but instead love on you and to let you know that [you] really aren’t alone," Fabella says.

FYKE has a show on the weekend of June 15 & 16 at this year's KTOWN Night Market 2018 festival, an annual L.A. event that celebrates Korean culture.

Those interested in seeing FYKE at the festival should look out for more information on their Facebook page.


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