Ode to Sky-Zone By Amal Williams

Sky Zone is the place everyone wants to be,

A huge trampoline park.

The inside is covered with comotion, laughter,

And maybe some whining from people not wanting to leave.

As i'm jumping I feel the socks I have on grip the trampoline.

I hear the springs squeak as I'm jumping.

I see other people jumping and then,

Everything goes into a slight blur as I do a backflip.

I smell the food from the concessions,

and some of the perfume of people as I walk by.

The foam pit is the best always not having to worry about getting hurt.

As you land in the foam you feel a little bit of comfort but know you can't stay there for long.

As I walk out of the doors i think about how great my day was,

and can't help but just smile.


Created with images by ralph_bean - "Trampoline park"

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