Developing a Dynamic Digital Profile With Adobe CC

Why are you here today?

  • Access to Adobe CC tools - what can I do with them?
  • Gain relevant experience....to get a job!
  • Get creative and stand out

What Employers Want?

  • e-portfolio is one of the best tools to demonstrate your digital literacy proficiency in the hiring process
  • help to articulate how coursework and skills learned can help you succeed
  • nearly 75% of hiring managers reported their company valued the ability to use technologies to communicate information and content*
  • more than 50% of hiring managers value the use technologies to create content*

*Source: Chronicle of Higher of Education

Navigating a NEW Era

COVID-19 has heightened the need for digital skills in the workforce—according to the Chronicle survey, 77 percent of hiring managers reported digital literacy is a more important factor in their company’s hiring process as a result.

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