Friends by Zachary, yihan, wanying, Chun yi

This photo shows Wanying helping Alden with his work, as he has difficulty doing his work. This is a good opening because to us a good friendship is when you help each other when we have difficulties, we should always be there for one another. We want to deliver the message to the viewers that we really appreciate friends who are able to be there for us when we need them. CAPTION: Good friends help you when you are in need and when you struggle, he make sure you are not alone in your journey.
This picture depict a group of friends taking a picture with a wide smile on each faces. This picture tie in to the previous picture by showing that friends are important to us as they will give you positive vibes. CAPTION: True friends are people who encourage you every seconds in life, when a group of best friends meet... the humour is higher than any comedy shows
This picture depict that Wanying and Yihan are smiling happily to the camera, and they look very close too. This picture leads to a point that having a good friend like each other is important. It will make you more motivated in learning and is able to help each other in academics. CAPTION: Having a good friend who stand by you is like cultivating a flourish tree.
This picture depict a hand full of boys discussing on an activity they are attempting at that moment. They also look delightful. This photo leads to the title/the first picture that a group is better than one, when you discuss with a group of friends, you are having more manpower to finish the work, thus it gives us an idea of its better to have more than one. CAPTION: Always be grateful for the group and appreciate the support that your friends can provide.
This picture depict that a group of Secondary 2 students are enjoying their meal during recess. The photo lead us to the previous picture that when you are having your meal with other friends, you will enjoy your food more than when eating alone, thus we really hope that the they would appreciate each other. CAPTION: Food brings people together and dining with the right group of friends just makes the food taste extra good, There is no greater feeling being able to gather with your besties.
This picture shows a group of students queuing up for their food. This lead us to think that when you are queuing up for your food, you might get bored so at this time its when your friends will be there to accompany you and is able to entertain you. CAPTION: A real friend is someone who doesn't like getting wet in the rain but accompany you when you're going through a storm.
This picture depict that Shuting fell down and Yupei is trying to help her up. So, it shows to us that friends are there to help you up when you fall, in another case, when you are giving up friends are there to encourage you and to motivate you to strive. CAPTION: Sometimes in life, you fall down holes that you cant climb out by yourself, that is when friends come in to place to drag you out of the holes.
This picture shows a teacher trying to help two students for their alp. this photo is a good ending photo because two listening ears are better than one, having Ms Liew to explain to them, make them able to work together and help each other in ALP. This picture is able to deliver and wrap up the message by emphasizing on, ''we appreciate our friends''.CAPTION: Friends are very precious.

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