Good Life - Tour of the Harn A spark Story by Johnny Ambers

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

This picture is particularly striking to me. In the picture, I am standing next to a seated sculpture of the buddha. Seeing pictures online of the buddha is one thing, or even seeing the picture of the sculpture can give an individual an idea of what the Buddha looked like and may have even been like. However, this sculpture is very well-designed and it was even created in the region what is now northwest Pakistan and southern Afghanistan. Due to this, you can really get a feel of the Buddha's temperament and poise by seeing this sculpture in person. It really expressed to me that the Buddha was a peaceful individual who wanted others to connect to the world the way he connected to it, and for others to attain enlightenment. This artwork made feel impressed and awestruck.

Design of the Museum

This picture depicts a certain exhibit in the museum that is designed extremely well in my opinion. This section is the Asian Art wing garden. The design of this wing is particularly appealing to me because of the efficient use of space, along with the overall makeup of the wing itself. I thought that it was a very interesting exhibit. It was very peaceful to be out in the garden, and you really get a sense of an authentic Asian garden when you are in the wing. The flowers and plants in the exhibit were particularly interesting to look at, especially because they are not typical around here in Florida. I really felt content when i was in the exhibit. Furthermore, it was fun to spend time out there and get a breath of fresh air after being indoors looking at the other artwork. I thoroughly enjoyed how they made use of the outdoor exhibit.

Art and Core Values

This picture definitely represents my personal core values. I feel like one of my most important values is hard work. My parents always taught me growing up that hard work can triumph, and if you work hard and set your mind to something then you can achieve anything your heart desires. For this reason, I particularly enjoy this picture in the museum, which is why I selected it for this assignment. The artist has created a painting of individuals from Puerto rico working in the field "picking, drying and grinding coffee beans." The purpose of the artwork is to represent the cultural heritage that Puerto Rico represents. However, with this part of the symbolism of this task is that it represents a tremendous amount of work, and individuals take pride in this effort. I particularly liked this depiction and I feel like i connect to it in a variety of ways. I work hard in everything I do, whether it is sports, academics, or a club/organization I am involved in. This picture made me appreciate my own sense of my work ethic. It made me thankful that my parents drilled such a positive characteristic into my development.

Art and the Good Life

This picture of the swimming gator is meant to be symbolism for attainment of the good life. One good life theme is "seeking the good life." In my personal journey to find my own "good life," a step in this process includes me attending the University of Florida. I used the symbolism as the gator, because while attending the University of Florida, I am indeed a Gator. In the artwork, the gator is swimming, which means it is moving. In my life, I am moving forward in my search for the good life by taking this step and attending the University of Florida, which puts me one step closer to my overall goal of becoming a nurse anesthetist. This painting really makes me appreciate this good life theme more because i can relate to it on such a personal level. I realize that the search for the good life is definitely not easy, and it comes with multiple challenges, but it is important to always move forward and strive for that attainment.

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