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WHITEBOARD is the visual collaboration plugin to bring distributed teams together in Adobe XD. The plugin focuses on collaborative whiteboarding to help design teams innovate anywhere anytime. Especially for those who’ve recently been forced to work from home, this plugin will allow people to enjoy whiteboarding while remaining in the powerful UX design app Adobe XD.

Create smarter better faster anywhere

Whiteboard allows innovative teams to get work done remotely using popular design thinking and agile frameworks as well as freeform drawing while leveraging XD's realtime coediting.

Across the room or around the world, you can now whiteboard out new ideas, focus on design thinking and create together.

Our response to the Covid-19

Whiteboard was created by our International Design Team at Adobe who, like many teams, found ourselves struggling as a remote team under the Stay at Home policy. We found ourselves seeking out ways to reproduce the vital whiteboard sessions we rely so heavily on. Daily users of XD, we naturally gravitated towards building a plugin that our team, other teams at Adobe and teams at other organizations could use to continue ideating, sketching, workshopping and communicating in the safety of our homes.

Making the most of Whiteboard

While we have a “How to Use” option inside the Whiteboard plugin, we wanted to make it easy for you to get started. Here are some helpful tips to make best use of this new tool for Adobe XD.

Share your feedback

Download the Whiteboard plug-in. We look forward to your feedback for further enhancements and usability improvements.