Minerva Mirabal A SCRAPBOOK

Here's the beginning of my wonderful, courageous life full of hope and love

My birth announcement

Even as a young child, I knew I was meant to be free. I was released from the hospital a day earlier than most children, walked a few months before my sisters and became the outspoken girl I would grow up to be before the normal 18 months.
Once when I was little, I tried to let a rabbit on our farm out of his cage. But he wouldn't budge! It was at that moment that I realized that I was special and wasn't meant to be cooped up in Ojo de Agua forever.

First time leaving the small town of Ojo de Agua – Immaculada Concepcion here I come!

Immaculate Concepcion
I would be lying if Imacculada Concepcion didn't have a special place in my heart. It is here that my "complications" started. I became very close friends with Sinita and Hilda. My sisters also attended school here. I learned a lot about myself here and became closer with me faith.

Draw dropping performance

During my time at school, I was given the opportunity to perform a play for Trujillo about the Dominican Republic. However, my friend Sinita pointed her bow right at Trujillo and we got into trouble. This was the first time that I saw the trouble with our government. I personally knew how it affected Sinita and I was appalled that one man was able to affect our country in such a large way.

Beginning of my "rebellious phase"

Oh boy... here is a photo of me and Hilda on our way to Don Horacio's home (Hilda's Uncle). I would sneak out of Immaculada Concepcion and go help him with an underground project. This was the first time I ever got involved with the Revolution and ever since, I've been obsessed.

My other sisters

Here is a picture I made Mate draw of the four girls to help release her anger. Papa had an affair with another women, giving him four more daughters and all of us four half sisters. Not that I was happy my father had an affair, but I felt just an ounce better when I realized that my father had failed to have a son, even with another woman. I was the first one to find out about the girls with their Mirabal eyes, and I tried my hardest to be nice to them. I invited them to papas funeral and did my best to get to know them. Eventually I would find out that Margarita Mirabal would actually help keep me sane in jail. She found out about me and Mate's imprisonment and helped get the word to Mama, Patria and Dede to send us medicine, food and other luxuries.

Discovery Day Ball

After graduating from Imaculada, my family and I attended the Discovery Day Ball where I sat at Trujillo's table. I didn't like him very much and ended the night by slapping him across the face. My family also left the party early. We got in a lot of trouble and Papa was sent to jail. However, Trujillo did allow me to attend

Graduation part 2

While I know this is a photo from my sister graduating, I had to include some photo of someone graduating since I didn't have any from my day due to my anger. I earned my law degree, but of course Trujillo had to get back at me somehow for slapping him, so he denied me the ability to earn my right to practice law.

Family life

This is a picture of Manolo and I on our wedding day. It was raining that day, but the day was such a joyous occasion we didn't even notice! We eventually had our two kids – Minou and Manolito. They are the most important things in the world to us.

mariposa for life

Working against the Regime is a serious matter, so code names are a must. I have never been more honored than to be given the nickname of "Mariposa." All code names have a deeper meaning and mine I'm sure has something to do with my peaceful ways and hope of a better future for my family and everyone else. All I hope is that I live up to the name someday.


After being caught by the SIM because of my involvement against the Regime, I was put in a jail with many other women. Thankfully, Mate joined me. Our cell was 25 by 20 feet, complete with 24 metal "beds," a bucket, a tiny wash basin and one small, high window. While in jail, I attempted to keep everyone's spirits high and minds sharp with mandatory schooling. I got this idea from Fidel Castro, who did the same thing while he was in prison. Once, Mate and I were given government pardons, but I wouldn't accept them. I didn't and still don't believe I did anything wrong, and taking a pardon made me feel like I was admitting to something. Of course Manolo was also in jail and I remember days when all I would do is think to myself my children aren't going to be raised by their parents.

home sweet home

Adjusting to life after jail was not as easy as I thought it would be. I had nightmares and even items around my house would remind me of the horrors I faced in prison. The best part of being home was getting to see my children and my sisters. However, when I got home the government watched me constantly. Spies surrounded my house at all times and when I went to visit Manolo in prison, our conversations were heavily monitored. Even with these complications, I was thankful that I had the opportunity to attempt a normal life. I continued to help out with contributions to the revolution to the best of my ability.

my contribution to the revolution

Here we are at a meeting of The Fourteenth of June Movement. Our president and my husband, Manolo, stands in the suit and tie. Throughout my life, I worked towards peace. I personally felt the humiliation and terror of Trujillo and I decided I had had enough. No one deserved to be dehumanized by him. I worked day and night, delivering news of rebellion, storing weapons at Patria's house and putting my entire life in danger. I wanted to live up to my Mariposa name.



This dish is very common in the Dominican Republic (even though we got it from a Colombian recipe site). Almost all dishes from the Dominican Republic come with some rice dish as a side. The east coast of Dominican Republic and specially the northeast coast and places like Samaná, Nagua and Cabrera are famous for their coconut based dishes.

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