The World According To Philip W.


Is globalization good?


Q:What makes a good citizen?

A: A good citizen is a person who has rights and responsibilities. A good example of this is obeying rules or laws. A responsibilitycan be paying taxes or voting. There are also things called social law. A social law can be say respecting your friends and be kind. These types of laws are enforced by your friends and society. A federal law however is enforced by the the authorities (police, FBI, CIA). Finally a good citizen has a good understanding of their rights and responsibilities.

Q:What is the most effective style of government?

A:The most effective government style is a representative democracy because it is the most equal and fair government style because every citizen gets rights and responsibilities and it is a limited government. Several limits are in place to make sure that the government does not get too much power. In an American democracy the power is split between the three branches of government the executive branch the judicial branch and the legislative branch this is called separation of power and in representative democracy there is consent of the governed which means all citizens give permission to be governed and the government does not control them. There is also a limit in every democracy called a constitution a constitution states how a government works and gives citizens their rights and responsibilities. To make sure everyone is treated fairly the limit called rights if the minority is put in play,this limit protects the rights of people that are small and unpopular. Another very important limit is rule of law rule of law states that no matter what a government official cannot violate the law. This is why the most effective style of government is a representative democracy.

Q: what forces work for and against supranational cooperation in Europe?

A:There are several things that can pull together and pull apart a SUPRANATIONAL cooperation which is the EU. One thing that can pull it apart is LANGUAGE. Language can be a problem because if two RepresentativeS are debating something and they speak a different language they aren't able to understand each other if you make a common language you eliminate some CULTURE which is bad. Something that works with the EU is a common currency the EURO. If you were going to France you would not have to do currency exchange. This also helps if you are trying to donate money to an area in need. There are many things that pull this cooperation apart but luckily there are many things that pull it together.

Q: how have people adapted to the Sahara

To adapt to the harsh Saharan climate people do several things. First of all they want to limit how much labor is done. For things like this they build windbreaks to keep sand and wind off their crops this limits the labor done to clean the them. Another thing they do is shifting agriculture this slows down desertification and lets used fields recover. Clearly it is possible to adapt here once used to limited water and heat.

Q: How has oil affected Southwest and Central Asia?

When a region has a natural resource it can affect it in many ways. One way it can affect it is negatively. When a country is negatively affected it can mean things like invasions because of people trying to get their resources. An example is the Persian gulf war when Iraq invaded Kuwait they were invading for oil. A positive effect can be a decrease in infant mortality rates and increase in life expectancy. In conclusion a natural resource can be a good and a bad thing.

A citezen exercises his right to vote.
This is what a representative democracy looks like when empty.
This is the EU flag.
This is da Sahara.


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