AVID by: Asif

Avid is an elective class that stands for advancement via individual determination. It stands for that for a reason so don't think I can get all f's and get into a college its called that for a reason that reason is you have to try yourself and your teacher and classmates help you. you don't believe me here is the proof

this proves that in avid it will help you get better in you classes so you can take AP classes (college level classes)
This shows that 92 percent on average off people who took avid were good enough to go to a 4 year college unlike people who didn't take avid at and average of 34 percent

at this moment and time you are probably asking yourself HOW DOES IT DO THAT the answer is simple. the answer to achieving your goals is... trying because this class might seem like a waste of 1 elective but it is like a study hall except some days Tuesdays and Thursdays we do a TRF and that is like study hall except your are in a group presenting an problem you have for a class it is mostly the students helping you but if the students in your group don't get it then the tutor jumps in to help its that way because most people would rather learn from their peers like friends than a teacher on Mondays and Wednesdays we do fun activities sometimes its team building or just a normal lessons Fridays we usually get a visitor of a job someone would want so overall its a fun class that helps you in high school and gets you ready for college.

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