The Social Media Painter PETRA BAKER

I love to paint. I love to write. I love to create.

I have a passion for telling stories. I'm a social media painter, creative writer, content designer and engaging story teller. I consider the role of the social media manager to be one not only of creating content but even more importantly, managing relationships. I’ve been in marketing for over fifteen years but it wasn’t until I took up a new brush and started painting my canvas with inbound media, that I truly became passionate about marketing. For me, it’s not even about marketing, it’s about educating, helping, solving and creating content that lifts one’s brand to a new level.

Once upon a time...

I worked in corporate marketing for the royalty of corporate. During this time I danced with creative agencies, research firms and printing houses. It was a beautiful dance and yet something was missing. I sought another prince charming and found him in the world of inbound marketing. I kissed the ugly frog of old school marketing goodbye and having found the prince of inbound media - today we are married and creating beautiful stories together...

My Awesomeness

• Understanding the client’s needs and creating on target brand strategy.

• Developing the client's social strategy including; visual content creation (Canva), copywriting, newsletters/e-blasts (Mailchimp/Constant Contact).

• Maintaining social media plans and managing daily postings on Facebook/Instagram

• Providing weekly reporting to clients and determining the appropriate action forward.

• Actively participating in client brainstorming sessions for innovative idea creation.

• Creating lead funnels and landing pages from design to complete content.

• A creative yet organized light being that believes there is no box except the one we create for our self.

• Can work autonomously or within a team. Worked as a Senior Brand Manager for Danone World Wide, (5 yrs) creating everything from package design to television commercials - together with agencies and client teams.

• All around passionate, dedicated and honest person.

Self-published author of 2 books - working on my third.

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