Indian River Job Availability A Research Journal By Gwen gleason

April 27, 2017- When we first started brainstorming for our projects we were making brainstorm webs and I didn't know what I wanted my topic to be. After thinking about it for so long, I decided that I would make my project on the lack of diverse jobs in the Indian River community. I chose this topic because when I apply for a job it is usually to a fast food restaurant because there aren't enough options other than that industry.

May 4, 2017- It was very hard to find my secondary research. I was very frustrated when I couldn't find articles about my topic. When I did actually find my four sources, my Scrible Toolbar wouldn't pop up for one of the articles. Since this happened, I had to print the whole article out and underline things that way. I was all very infuriating.

May 9, 2017- When the Chamber Of Commerce finally answered my emailed interview, I was upset with it. They didn't agree that we need more available jobs in Indian River. When I asked them: What job do you think Indian River should offer that they don't? They just responded by saying that they don't know how to respond because Indian River doesn't need anymore. Overall, this essay is just really making me angry.

May 19, 2017- I'm farther behind everyone else. Everyone in my class is working on their secondary research paragraphs and I still haven't started my primary research paragraph. I barely even know where to start and it is frustrating me. Once my primary research paragraph is done, I'm sure it will be easier to do my secondary ones.

May 23, 2017- I'm finally ahead of everyone else. Right now everyone is working on their conclusions while mine is already done. It gives me time to do this last and final blog. Thank god that I'm done. This whole assignment made me angry.


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