Technology and Interactions Kate Chesterman

Technology Advances

  • Technology has helped teachers help students in a multitude of different ways, that has helped us better most students education.
  • We have things such as email so that as teachers we can make sure if notes don't get home we will have a pack up using email. Emailing parents, other teachers, administration, etc.
  • You can use technology in many different ways for your classroom. YouTube videos, pictures, self recordings, student recordings, and many more.
  • Technology has also really helped students with disabilities. They have come up with many different learning materials that are very helpful to students such as things like recorded books to help them with reading, different types of mouse pads for the computer along with different key boards, etc.
  • As technology is constantly changing it is important to stay with it but not let it consume our classroom. We must use it to be helpful in learning not be the learning.
  • As teachers we must continue to teach our students and use technology as a helper not as the main way of teaching. We still must interact with our students instead of putting them in front of a computer screen as tempting as it may be.

Technology Advances & Collaboration

  • Along with all of these advances in technology comes a lot of learning for teachers. We as teachers must learn the technology to help out our students.
  • As teachers it is easy to stay the same because that is all we have known and we have become accustomed to that. But it is important to keep with the type to help better our students.
  • Technology can be very tricky at times, and some teachers may get flustered with all of it. We must make sure we all work together to learn it and help others when they be getting frustrated with all of it.
  • It is important to stay up to date on technology to help better our students learning and learning career.

Technology (Evolution of Technology)

  • The changes in technology have been huge over the past years. Many things that I grew up with can't even be found in a classroom today. Things such as overhead projectors, chalk boards, and even marker boards are becoming a lot less common.
  • These things have been replaced with smart board's, projectors on the ceiling and many other things have changed in the s modern day classroom.

Impact on Collaboration

  • Technology and collaboration go hand in hand. We have many different resources that allow us to be able to collaborate via technology.
  • Many things allow us to work on things together but not actually be in the same room or even same state as the person we are working with. Things such as google docs, google slide are things that you can use to work on projects together.
  • Things such as Facebook, Skype, face time are different ways you can communicate via technology.
  • It is much easier to collaborate with students, classmates, and teachers in education because of the advancements of technology.

Teacher Technology

  • Technologies that I have been seeing teachers use a lot are the iPad and smart boards. These two things have made up a lot of the classrooms in today's classrooms.
  • The iPad is a quick and easy piece of technology to use. Many teachers use them for educational games and often replaces a computer in the classroom. They are easy to use and small enough to handle very easily.
  • Smart boards are also very common they are a funny and clean way to allow students to write on the board for educational purposes. It takes away the mess of dry erase markers and spray to get it off in a clean way. Smart boards have taken away the mess of a marker board and added a more technology friendly replacement.

Future of Technology

  • Technology will always be here no matter what, it will always be in classrooms and schools.
  • One thing technology can't replace is face to face teacher, they are vital to most kids education. Although some students are good with online stuff not all students are. You can't replace teachers with technology, they are always going to be needed.
  • Teachers should most definitely stay in the know of the different technologies that can be used and implemented in the classroom, but they also need to teach.
  • Students having projects including technology can be very helpful to student learning and collaboration if you make it a group project.


  • Today's generation was born into technology, every child has seen and probably used some type of technology at a very young age.
  • That being said it is extremely important to make sure we teach them to use it wisely and in the correct way so that they don't get in trouble with it.
  • We as teachers and parents are responsible for teaching our student's and children the smart ways to use technology. Being able to use technology in a helpful and smart way is extremely important. It is up to us to teach them the ways it should and shouldn't be used.


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