Professor Office Hours Common exhibit #4

For this exhibit I actually did two post test analysis. I decided that I needed them and so I took it to my chemistry professor and my stats professor. I had always wanted to go to my professors' office but I couldn't work up the courage. This helped me realize that they really do want to help us. These actually really helped me and I definitely will continue to use the form and go to my teachers office hours.

I will only be sharing my chemistry test, as I do not take stats anymore, and have nothing to compare the tests to, to see if I improved any.

Dr. Taylor helped me realized that I need to slow down on the test. I have to stop making the countless simple mistakes that have shown in my last test. He also showed me that if I did more problems, I would have a better understanding of the problem itself. I get very confused with wording so he decided to put on blackboard some follow up practice problems with multiple different wording questions for me and some other students in the class.

On the next test I will do more practice problems before the exam. I'm also going to work harder on checking over my work before I turned it in. I made a lot of careless errors and that is very frustrating to me. That is something I hope to change on the coming tests.

Dr. Taylor was extremely helpful. It was easy to talk to him and he worked hard to make me understand. I was scared of his class at first because I am not doing well nor have I ever gone to a professors office hours. There's also a lot of people in the class and it was embarrassing to go to his office and admit that I am not doing well in his class, but he did a great job of teaching me and making sure I understood before I have to take the final exam.


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